c5 - mint, no scratches, rarely played
c4 - excellent, few if any scatches 
c3 - reasonable, normal wear as expected
c2 - poor, but playable
c1 - badly worn, many scratches, maybe damaged (indicated)
s - scanned label, most likely illustrated in specific label section. 

It's the label that is important, with the material less important. However, my judgement may be off in some respects, and there could well be important recordings of artists that my ignorance has missed as being of some musical or monetary value. All classifications. Most of these (but not all as there are some duplicates) have been scanned and can be seen on the labels page.. 

L001 sc3 COLUMBIA   Columbia Graphophone (Aust) Ltd., Sydney. Made in Australia. 
"Magic Notes" Trade Mark.
0837 (A3737).  BARCAROLE - "TALES OF HOFFMAN"  (Offenbach). The Cherniavsky Trio. (Violin, 'Cello, Piano)
0837 (A3753).  SPRING SONG  (Mendelssohn)  Ibid. [With original Columbia sleeve].

L002 sc2+ REXOPHONE   British Manufacture
5930 (1763).  BLUE EYES, Waltz.  Savoy Orchestra.
5930 (1764).  SUNSHINE IN YOUR SMILE, Waltz.  Ibid. [Run-in outer edge has a slight lip on (1764).]

L003 sc3 MELODIANA  Made in Australia
MR1008 (S4713) ESTUDIANTINA  (Waldteufel)  Waltz. Egidio Bortoli, piano accordion, with guitar and bass. 
MR1008 (S4712) FREE AND EASY  (Porschmann)  Ibid.

Paper label pasted over a green and gold text Rexaphone Record label, see L004a.
501).  DOWN AMONG THE SUGAR CANE. Charles Lester.
501).  KITTY DEAR    Ibid.  [Why the paste-over? The base label, a green and gold text Rexophone Record, indicates, Made in Germany. Was the past-over due to a concern for promoting a war-time enemy, or was this simply a commercial consideration. The number on the original label is 5276. ]

L004a  - see L004.

L005 sc3 COLISEUM      Made in England
1965 (C68E).  DON'T FORGET  (de Sylvia, Hanley). Played by the Mayfair Dance Orchestra.
1965 (C73E).  CROSS YOUR HEART (Gensler)  Ibid. [Has original Coliseum sleeve.]

L006 sc3 JUMBO-RECORD Manufactured in London.
A28061 ).  CARRIE.  Mr.George Grossmith, Jr. Gaiety Theatre, London. 
A28060).  YIP-I-ADDI-I-AY.   From 'Our Miss Gibbs'.  Ibid.
[Label diameter for A28061 is 90cm. Reverse side A28060 is of identical design but only 60cm diameter.]

L007 sc4 GRAND PREE RECORD  British Manufacture
18229 (N69325) SPRING SONG (Mendelssohn).  Doris Fulton. Violin and piano.
18229 (n69324) MELODY IN F  (Rubinstein)  Ibid.

L008 sc2 BULLDOG RECORD British Manufacture Throughout. 
587 (287).  LES CLOCHES DE ST. MALO  (W.Rimmell)
Played by the Band of H.M. 1st Life Guards. Under the personal direction [of] Mr.George Miller, L.R.M.A.
587 (286).  WEYMOUTH CHIMES (J.S.Howgill)  Ibid.

L009 sc3 ANGELUS New Electrobeam. Made in Australia by Angelus Record Company.
AN3015-A STROLLING IN THE MOONLIGHT. Les Backer, "The Crooning Baritone".

L010 c3 GRAMOPHONE CONCERT RECORD  The Gramophone and Typewriter Lt., snd Sister Companies.
G.C.-3-2427).  THERE IS A FLOWER THAT BLOOMETH (Maritana).  Sung by Mr John Harrison, London. 
[Reverse has no sound groove; is embossed GRAMOPHONE, with trade mark of Angel as scribe. Also stamped as 'Reproduced in Hanover'.]

L010 c3 GRAMOPHONE CONCERT RECORD  The Gramophone and Typewriter Lt., snd Sister Companies.
G.C.-3-2799).  DRAKES DRUM  (Stanford).  Sung by Mr Robert Radford, London. 
[Reverse has no sound groove; is embossed GRAMOPHONE, with trade mark of Angel as scribe. '.]

L010 sc4 COLISEUM      Made in England
1825 (G13756).   WHEN I THINK OF YOU (Owens, Rose).  Sung by Hayes and Croft. Vocal duet.
 1825 (G1557).   SUNNY HAVANA  (Horatio Nicholls).  Sung by Jack Ellis and Frank Thomas. Vocal duet.
[With original Coliseum sleeve.]

L011 sc3 COLUMBIA RECORD Columbia Graphophone Company, London, New York. Made in England.
D1342 (65365).  THE KISS TROT, DANCE.  (Philip Braham).  Alhambra Orchestra, conducted by J.Ansell.
D1342 (65361).  THE KIPLING WALK  (Nat.D.Ayer)  Ibid.  [With original Columbia Record sleeve.]

L012 sc3 ARCADIA Made in Australia. Electically Recorded.
2015).   IF I HAD YOU.  Honolulu Seranaders. Hawaiian guitars, vocal chorus.
2015).   BLUE WATERS  Ibid.

L013 c3 GRAMOPHONE CONCERT RECORD  The Gramophone and Typewriter Lt., snd Sister Companies.
G.C.-3-2251).  YES, LET ME LIKE A SOLDIER FALL, "MARITANA" .  Sung by Mr John Harrison, London. Tenor 
[Reverse has no sound groove; is embossed GRAMOPHONE, with trade mark of Angel as scribe. Also stamped as 'Reproduced in Hanover'.]

 L014 sc4 EDISON BELL VF RECORD   ?? London & Huntington. [Under British patent]
1154 (9017).  ARISE, O SUN    (E.Locktes & M.C.Day).  John Lovering. Song with piano accompaniment.
1154 (9018).  BECAUSE  Teschemaacher & d'Hardelot)  Ibid. [With original Edisin Bell VF sleeeve.]

L015 sc3 EDISON BELL WINNER RECORD  Edison Bell Limited, London & Huntingdon.
3645).   ALOHA OE.  Crescent Trio, vocal, accompanied by Hawaiin Guitars.
3645).   SWEET LUANA  Ibid.

L016 sc3 SCALA RECORD  "The All British Gramophone Record".
1219 (079).  BEAUTIFUL OHIO.  Waltz, played by the Scala Military Band.
1219 (054).  WYOMING WALTZ  Ibid. [With original Scala sleeve].

EG8579 ).  MINNEHAHA  (PeterMosser).  Ralf Bendix u.d. Hanzen-Quartet. Herbert Beckh und sein Tanzorchester.
EG8579).  SIE HIESS MARY ANN (Sixteen Tons)  (Merle Travis, Peter Mosser). 
Herbert Beckh und sein Tanzorchester.

L018 sc4 THE WINNER  Manufactured by Edison Bell Works, London.
3480  (6770).  THE LAUGHING VAMP.  The Elliotts. Duet vocal with Laughing Tro?.
3480 (6788).  OH, BY JINGO, OH, BY GEE.  The Elliotts. Duet.  [With original Edison Winner sleeve].

L019 sc1 THE WINNER   Guaranteed Genuine British Manufacture
2735 (1450).  PLAYING "HOME SWEET HOME'. Jack Charman.
2735 (1409).  HERE WE ARE, HERE WE ARE, HERE WE ARE AGAIN.  Jack Charman.
[Small section of one side of record burnt as if by cigarette. With original sleeve]

L020  sc3 THE WINNER   Guaranteed Genuine British Manufacture
2235 (466).  WHEN THE SHEEP ARE IN THE FOLD, JEENNIEE DEAR  (Dennisonand Helf).  Fred Marshall
2235 (465).  YOU LEFTME FOR THE LIMELIGHT (Weston Barnes and M.Scott)  Ibid.  [With original sleeve].

L021  sc3 HIS MASTER'S VOICE Berliner Gram-O-Phone Co., Limited, Montreal.
64121 (123).  MINUET  (Betthoven).  Violin solo by Mischa Elman, with piano accompaniment by Percy B. Kahn.
[Single sided, no track on reverse].

L022 sc3 CARINIA    Allan's.  Made in Australia.
GT522 (S4159).  BARCELONA  (Arr. Karl Goetz). Rumba. Recorded in Switzerland. Karl Goetz, mit seinem Tanzorchestra. 
GT522 (S4158).  ES HAENGT EIN PFERDEHALTER (There's A Bridle Hanging, On the Wall) (C.J.Robinson, Winn)
German vocal. Recorded in Switzerland. Die Quartinos mit Tanzorchestra.
[In original Carina sleeve: not very inspiring, no information - not scanned.]

L023 sc4 VICTOR  Victor Talking Machine Co, Camden, N.J. 
64607 (A-4).  A PERFECT DAY  (Carrie Jacobs, Bond). Alma Gluck, with Orpheus Quartet. Soprano with Male Quartet and ochestra.
[One side only. $1 in U.S.A. Number 'A-4' scratched into label by hand. With original Victor Record sleeve.]

L024 sc3 REX  The King of Records. British Made.
Choir of All Saints Church, Margaret Street, London. Dr. W.S.Lloyd Webber, organist and choirmaster.

L025 sc5 STERNO Manufactured by the British Homophone Co. Ltd, England.
991 (S1931).  HARLEQUIN'S SERENADE (L'Pagliacci)  (Leoncavalio).  Mayflower Orchestra
991 (S1927).  SOLVEIG'S SONG (Peer Gynt)  (Greig)  Ibid. [In original Sterno Record sleeve.]

L026 sc4 THE DUOPHONE  British Manufacture 
B-5101 (G1558) NORMANDY  (Robinson, Britt).  Frank Gilbert. Baritonee, with Orchestra Accompaniment.
B-5101 (G1314) MOON OF WAIKIKI  (Robinson, Bernard)  Ibid.  [In original Duophone sleeve.]

L027  sc3 ANGELUS  Made in Australia by Angelus Record Company
3094-(A).  A PERFECT DAY. Chas. Harison, vocal.
3094-(B).  THE ROSARY.  Douglas Stansbury, vocal.  [In original Angelus sleeve.]

L028 sc3 CLIFFORD  Clifford Industries Ltd. Made in Australia
5285-(A).  WITH MY GUITAR AND YOU   From 'Swing High'.  Roy Smeck'ss Trio. Hawaiin guitars, vocal chorus.
5285-(B).  LOVE ME  Ibid.

L029 c3 ANGELUS  Made in Australia by Angelus Record Company
AN3012-A).  RAMONA.  Charles hart, vocal.

L030 sc3 SCALA IDEAL RECORD  Scala Record Co. Ltd. Made in England.
7058 (0467).  YONDER  (Herbert Oliv?).  Mr Tudor Davies, tenor solo, with piano and violin.
7058 (0468).  WHO?  (Tosti)  Ibid.

L031 sc1 COLISEUM  record  Manufactured Throughout in England
Played by the Blue Venetian Orchestra. Foxtrot.
1279 (0195).  EL RELICARRIO    Ibid.  [Large chip out of record destroying first few tracks.]

L032 sc3 BANNER  Plaza Music Company New York
1105-(A).  WHY SHOULD I CRY OVER YOU (Ned Miller, Chester Cohn).  Majestic Dance Orchestra
1105-(B).  WHEN THE LEAVES COME TUMBLING DOWN (Richard Howard)  Ibid.

L033 sc3 MELODIANA   Made in Australia
MR1018 (S5637) MR TONY POLCA (Bortoli).  Egidio Bortoli and His Orchestra. 
MR1018 (S5640) DONNE, VINO E CANTO (J.Strauss)  Ibid.

L034 sc3+ PACIFIC    Australian Record Co. Pty Ltd., Sydney.
PR-25.005 (MX32421).  HAERE-RA  (Alfred Hill)
Sung in English and Maori by Elsie Findlay, with Organ Accompaniment by Fred Lawson.
PR-25.005 (MX32423).  LONG, LONG AGO  Thomas, Haynesm, Bayley)  Ibid.

L035 sc5 STERNO Electrical Recording. Manufactured by the British Homophone Co.Ltd., London (Eng).
635 (E826).  STABAT MATER (Gregorian Chorale).  Choir of St. Hedwig's Cathedral.
635 (E825).  KYRIE ELEISON (From Mass in A Minor, A-Moll - Casciolini)  Ibid.

L036 sc3 "CINCH" RECORD  [Presume English]
5074 (X-49398) PRINCES CAPRICE SELECTION Part 1 (Fall)
Played by Carl Grunnow with Orchestral accompaniment. Tubaphone.
5074 (X-49399) PRINCES CAPRICE SELECTION Part 2 (Fall)  Ibid.

L037 sc3 RONDOPHONE RECORD  Recorded in England, Pressed in Prussia.
Cat. No. 1191 (60569) THE LEA RIG.  Violin Solo by Mackenzie Murdoch with Piano accompaniment.
Cat.No. 1191 (60570) ISLE O; SKYE   Ibid.   [I'd regard this as a British record as that is where it was presumably released, even though [ressed, ie manufaactured, in Prussia.]

L038 sc3 BEKA-GRAND-RECORD   Recorded in London. Reproduced at Berlin (Germany).
297 (40739).  ROSES  (Stephen Adams).  Mtr Philip Ritte, baritone.
297 (40819).  WHEN ROSES WAKE  (H.Trotere)  Ibid.

L039 sc4 PURITAN  manufactured by B.D.M.Co., Bridgeport, Conn. [USA]
11263-A (1427) PUA CARNATION.  Ferera and Franchini. Hawaiian.
11263-B (1428) KAWAIHAN  Ibid.

L040 sc3 BRUNSWICK  The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company. Made in Australia. New Hall of Fame Series.
15085-A).  RAGLIACCI -VESTI LA GIUBBA  (On With the Play)  (Leoncavallo)
Giacomo lauri-Volpi, tenor, with Orchestra in Italian.
15085-B).  CAVALLERIA RTUSTICCANA  (Drinking Song)  (Mascagi)  Ibid.

L041 sc3 EMERSON  Emerson Phonograph Company (Inc), New York.
10118 (4770).  OH! WHAT A PAL WAS MARY  (Pete Wendling). Emerson Dance Orchestra. Waltz, with words.
10118 (4768).  THE VAMP  (Byron Gay)  Ibid.

L042 sc3 PERFECT  Product of American Records Corporation. Made in USA.
16038-A (15809) FLIRTATION WALK   (Dixon, Wrubel). Norman Cloutier and his Merry Madcaps. 
16038-B (15811) I SEE TWO LOVERS (Dixon, Wrubel)  Ibid.

L043 c3 BROADCAST TWELVE  Made in Australia. Vocalion (Foreign) Ltd.
5057 (A).  THE BLIND PLOUGHMAN (Clarke). Ceredig Jones. Bass-Baritone, with Strings and Organ in Stoll Theatre, London.
5057 (B).  FRIEND OF MINE  (Sanderson)  Ibid. [In original Broadcast twelve sleeve, torn and crunched.]

L044 sc3 BROADCAST TWELVE  Made in Australia. Vocalion (Foreign) Ltd.
5008 (A).  PRELUDE IN C SHARP MINOR  (Rachmaninoff).  Maurice Cole, pianoforte.
5008 (B).  LIEBESTRAUME (Liszt)  Ibid.

L045 sc3 COLUMBIA RECORD  Columbia Phonograph Company Gen'l Pat. 
A587 (462).  INVINCIBLE EAGLE MARCH.  Banjo Solo [No artist noted.]
A587 (3908).  THE HERD GIRL'S DREAM.  Played by Geo. Stehl, Marshall Lufsky, and Paul Surth.

L046 sc2 ODEON RECORD  International Talking Machine Co. m.b.h.
66327.   RING OUT WILD BELLS (Gounod). Mr Ivor Foster, Baritone [with] Orchestral Accompaniment. London.
66353.   THE THREE RAVENS (G.Villiers Stanford's Setting)  Ibid.

L046 c2 ODEON RECORD  International Talking Machine Co. m.b.h.
44939.   AND THE GLORY OF THE LORD.   From "The Messiah".  (Handel).  The Sheffel Choir. Conducted by Dr.H.Coward.
44940.   GLORY TO GOD    Ibid.

L047 sc4+ REGAL  Made in England
G7558 (69733).  HOME TO OUR MOUNTAINS. From 'Il Trovatore'.  (Verdi). Joan Murray and Frederick Storm, duet in English, with Orchestra.
G7558 (69782).  MISERERE FROM 'IL TROVATORE'.  (Verdi). British Grand Opwera Company, with Orchestra.  {With original Regal sleeve.]

L048 sc4 HIS MASTER'S VOICE  Record manufactured by The Gramophone Co., Ltd, Sydney, NSW.
B2493 (2-4786) O SONS AND DAUGHTERS  (Arr. Walford Davies). Choir of the Temple Church. Organist Dr G. Thalben Ball.
B2493 (2-4787) KING OF GLORY (Walford Davies)  Ibid. [With original HMV Record sleeve.]

L049 sc3 PACIFIC  Pacific Control Unit. Australian Record Co. Pty Ltd., Sydney, NSW.
10-0014 (MX30992).  GET UP OFFA THE FLOOR HANNAH (Ngle, Washburn, Carling)
Les Welch and His Naken City Seven. Vocal by Les Welsh and Trio.
10-0014 (MX30994).  LIFE GETS TEEJUS  (Carson, Robison).  Monologue by Les Welsh.

L050 sc3 BELTONA  Made in England
701 (C6860).  NIGHTINGALE WALTZ  (Brockman).  Played by The Palm Beach Players
701 (C6860).  PETER PAN  Ibid.

L051 sc3+ WINNER  Made at Edison Bell Works, London
4080 (8793).  THERE'S YES! YES! IN YOUR EYES (Friend, Santly). Diplomat Novelty Orchestra
4080 (8791).  JUNE NIGHTS  (Baer, Friend)  Ibid.

L052 sc4 PARLOPHONE Made in Australia
A2801 (A412-1) E PARIRA (arr. L.Rowe). Ana Hato & Deane Waretini, with violon and piano accompaniment. Recorded in Australia.
A2801 (A413-1) POKAREKARE  (Alfred Hill)  Ibid.

L053 sc3 BON MARCHE   Payne's Bon Marche Pty Ltd, Drapers. Bourke Street, Melbourne.
228 (4735).  SAFE IN YOUR ARMS  (Ord Hamilton).  Sung by Thomas Berry.
228 (4734).  NEVADA  (.Nicholls)  Ibid.

L054 sc3 REXOPHONE Recorded in England, Pressed in Berlin.
5346 (b).  BREAKFAST IN BED ON SUNDAY MORNING   Ibid. [Chip out of edge but prior to take up track.]

L055 sc3 PARLOPHONE  Made in Australia.
A2259 (40765-A) WHAT DOES IT MATTER? (Irving Berlin).  Noel Taylor, tenor accompanied by Justin Ring Trio.
A22 (156-2).  CHARMAINE  (Leazer, Rapee). Sung by Sidney Burchall, with piano and clarinet accompaniment.

L056 c3+ GRAND PREE RECORD  British Manufacture
18326 (N105034).  NEARER AND DEARER  (Gillespie, Van Alstyne).  The Carlton Trio, vocal trio with orchestra.
183256 (N106024).  OH, HOW I MISS YOU TO-NIGHT (Davis, Burke, Fisher).  Albert Lee, tenor with Orchestra.

L057 c3+ GRAND PREE RECORD  British Manufacture
18534 (N94982) IN THE GLOAMING OF WYOMING  (Valentine).  Gilbert Austin, baritone with ochestra accompaniment.
18534 (N94933) SMILE A LITTLE BIT (Morton, Shelvin)  Ibid.

L058 sc3+ COLUMBIA  Columbia Graphophone Co.Ltd., London. Made in England.
D1011 (70263).  LA BOHEME  Questa a Mimi.(Puccini).  Nino Piccaluga, tenore. 
D1011 (70268).  LA BOHEME  Mimi a tanto amalata .(Puccini). Nino Piccaluga, tenore.   [In original Columbia sleeve.]

L059  sc3 ACO    Vocalion Records, Middlesex. Made in England
G15995 (?).  WHY DO I LOVE YOU  (de Sylva, Gerschwin)  The Old Virginians
G15995 (C7819) BERCELONA  (Wallace, Evans). Harry Bidgood's Dance Orchestra. [In original  Aco Record sleeve.]

L060 c3+ ANGELUS    Made in Australia by Angelus Record Company.
AN3030-(a).  GRANDFATHER'S COURTSHIP.  Boudini Brothers, accordion duet.
AN3030-(b).  WEDDING OF THE WINDS.  Johnnie Peroutka, accordion solo.

L061 c3 HIS MASTER'S VOICE   Record manufactured for The Gramophone Co, Ltd. Hayes, England.
5-2599.   I KNOW A LOVELY GARDEN  (Guy d'Hardelo).  Emilio de Gogorza, tenor.  [Single sided.]

L062 sc3 BROADCAST DE LUXE SERIES  Made in Australia
A1001 (ALO7).  UN PEU D'AMOUR (A Little Love, A Little Kiss).  Violin solo by Jan Rubini, piano accompaniment by W.Burrell.
A1001 (ALO6).  ROMANCE (Wienawski)  Ibid.

L063 sc3 VICTORY RECORD  Recorded in London, Pressed in Saxony.
E8 (1363).  CHRISTIANS, AWAKE.  Mr Robert Carr.  Kalliope Company.
E8 (1295).  O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL   Ibid.

L064 sc3 EDISON BELL WINNER RECORD  Edison Bell Limited, London and Huntingdon.
4-460 (10159).  ROUND HE CAME  (W.Hargreaves).  Stanley Kirkby.
4-460 (10158).  OH, CHARLEY, TAKE IT AWAY  (Hedges, Malcolm, Clerq)  Ibid.

L065 sc3 RADIOLA   Manufactured by Amalgaamated Wireless (Australasia) Limited, Sydney.
A164P (PL123).  IF YOU'VE NEVER BEEN IN LOVE  (Pelosi, Towers). The Radio  Revellers, With Geoff Love and His Orchestra.
A164P (PL127).  DON'T EVER LEAVE ME (Nesbitt, Arden)  Ibid.

L066 sc2 WINNER  Manufactured at Edison Bell Works London.
2150 (301).  I'LL SING THEE SONGS OF ARABY.  Robert Evans
2150 (302).  THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM  Ibid.

L067 sc3 NATIONAL RECORD   Made in Germany
a).   YOU'RE THE ONE.  Billy Williams
b).   LET'S ALL GO MAD  Ibid.  [Appears to have had a Scala Special Issue No.232 affixed over at least one label. Although printed in Germany, probably released in England - no German language on the label.]

L068 sc3 RONDOPHONE RECORD Pressed in Berlin.
60670 (K110).  THE SONG THAT REACHED MY HEART.  Frank Reed.
60671 (K110).  JUST ACROSS THE BRIGDE OF GOLD  Ibid.  [Should that be 'Bridge'?]

L069 sc3 KALOPHONE GRAND RECORD  Made in England
386 (40965).  THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD, SELECTION Part 1.  Played by Kalophone London Orchestra.
386 (40966).  THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD, SELECTION Part 2.  Ibid.

L070 sc3+ BRUNSWICK The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company. Made in Australia
10101-A).  MARCHETA  (Schertzinger).  Mario Chamlee. Tenor with orchestra.
101011-B).  MEMORY LANE  (DeSylva, Conrad, Spier)  Ibid.

L071 sc3+ COLUMBIA RECORD  Columbia Graphophone Company Ltd., London and New York. 
D1337 (35976).  THE BLIND BOY  (G.W.Moore). 'Cello Solo by W.H.Squire.  Mr Hamilton Harty at the Piano.
D1337 (35977).  TRAUMEREI  (Schumann)  Ibid. [Made in England]

L072 sc3 STERLING   Made in Australia by Sterling Record Co.
1128-A.  MY HAWAIIAN SONG OF LOVE.  Pipe Organ Solo Eddie Thomas at His Wurlitzer Organ.
1128-B.  SAILIN' ON    Ibid.

L073 sc3 THE NEW EMBASSY  Made in Australia
8056.  ONE SWEET KISS.  Joe Emanuel and His Band
8056).  WHY CAN'T YOU  Ibid.

L074 sc3 STANDARD  British Made
374 (363).  RED MOON  (H.D.Martini & Max Lortiander).  Played by Jos. Knecht's Dance Orchestra.
374 (609).  TROPICAL PALMS  (Dornberger & Cowan)  Ibid.

L075 sc3 HOMOPHON COMPANY G.M.B.H.  Pressed in Berlin
60719.  WHISPER AND I SHALL HEAR  (M.Piccolomini).  Sung by Miss Jessie Broughton, Contralto. With Orchestra accompaniment.
60718.   VIOLETS  (Ellen Wright)  Ibid.

L076 sc3 CENTURY RECORDS  Made by Century Records, Pty Ltd, Sydney.
CY1017 (MX10075).  MOLLY MALONEY'S WEDDING  (O'Brien Boys).  The Knaves, with Rhythm Accompaniment.
CY1017 (MX10289).  JOLLY OLD ST.NICHOLAS (Vaughn Horton).  The Knaves, with Nancy Harrie at the Piano.

L077 sc2 ZONOPHONE RECORD  - THE TWIN Product of the British Zonophohne Co. Ltd., England.
1608 (X-3-42600).  PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES IN YOUR OLD KIT-BG (Flexi Powell)
Sung by Harry Fay, (English commedian) with Orchestral accompaniment.
1608 (X-3-42601).  I GOTTA GET WELL (H.Darewski)  Ibid.

L078 sc3 COLUMBIA (COLUMBIA GRAFONOLA) Columbia Graphophone Company. Price in Canada, 90c.
A2812 (78680).  TELL ME WHY (Rose).  Played by Art Hickman's Orchestra.
A2812 (78673).  PEGGY  (Moret, Williams)  Ibid.

L079 sc3 WORLD RECORD  Manufactured by World Record Ltd., London, England.
110 (R157).  IN ROMANY (Caillaux, Hylton).  Rendered by Wag Abbey's Dance Orchestra.
110 (R156).  TELL HER AT TWILIGHT  (Donaldson)  Ibid.

L080 sc2 REGAL  Made in England
G0266 (27373).  THE MINSTREL BOY.  Edward Moore, Tenor. With orchestra.
G0266 (27373).  THE IRISH EMIGRANT  (Geo.Barker)  Ibid.

L081 c3 COLUMBIA (COLUMBIA GRAFONOLA) Columbia Graphophone Company. 
A2128 (47091).  THROW ME A ROSE  (Kalman).  From 'Miss Springtime'.  Sung by Reed Miller.
A2128 (47070).  FLORA BELLA  (Schwarawald).  Sung by Nannette Flack and Charles Harrison.

L082 c3 NATIONAL RECORD Overlabel - Scala Special Issue No. 266.  Made in Germany.
l  [letter small case 'el'] HERE WE ARE AGAIN.  Billy Williams. 

L083 c3 PARLOPHONE  Record made by Parlophone Co.Ltd., London. 
E3032 (4509A).  ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR .  Ferera & Franchini. Hawaiin Guitar Duet.
E3032 (4509B).  PUA CARNATION    Ibid.

L084 c3 LONDON 
L508 (DLG26667).  FOOLISH TEARS  (Jenny Lou Carson).  Al Morgon, Vocal, with Piano and Orchestral Accompaniment.
L508 (DLG26668).  I WISH I HAD A SWEETHEART  (Davis, Braverman, Brookhouse)  Ibid.

L085 c3+ SCALA   Made in England
297 (0218).  MY LASS FRAE GLASGIE TOON.  Sung by Billy Williams
297 (0219).  OH! MR McPHERSON  Ibid.

L086 c3+ SAVOY  Made in Australia
1020 (?72.E)  NEW GILBERT AND SULLIVAN SELECTIONS. Part 1.  Imperial Military Band.
L087 c4 SINGSPIRATION  Scared Recordings. 
Pressed by E.M.I. (Aust) Pty Ltd for Keswick Book Depot, Melbourne.
K1014 (E4KB-3843).  WHEN I MEY MY SAVIOR (Helen M.Miller).  Ronnie Avalone, tenor.
K1014 (E4KB-3842).  SHIP AHOY  (D.B.Towner)  Ibid. Organ Doug Fisher. Piano and Celeste Fred Davies.

L088 c1 BULLDOG RECORD  British Manufacture Throughout.
529 (157).  THE NIGHTINGALES AWAKENING.  Mr George Ackroid. Solo Piccolo, with Orchestra Accompaniment.
529 (156).  THE COMET  (M.A.Brewer)  Ibid.

L089 c4 GENNETT   Division of The Starr Piano Co., Richmond, Ind[iana, USA]
5672-A (8238).  SOME O' THESE DAYS. Negro spiritual.
Homer Rodeheaver and Mrs Asher. Contralto and Baritone. Orchestra acompaniment. 
5672-B (8950).  I HEARD DE ANGELS SINGIN'  Negoro spiritual.
Homer Rodeheaver. Baritone with Orchestra accompaniment.

L090 c4+ BOOSEY AND HAWKES LTD.  295 Regent Street, London.
V2186 (RPL 314A).  MAMBLE  (Michael Head).  Sung by the Composer at the Piano.
V2186 (RPL 312A).  SWEET CHANCE THAT LED MY STEPS  (Michaed Head)  Ibid.

L091 c5 TABERNACLE  library of Sacred Songs. Ausstralian Record Co. Pty Ltd., Sydney.
Cl-107  FROM EVERY STORMY WIND  (Wilder. Arr. Mason)
Clarice Inglis with Iris Mason at the Organ. Suppoerted by The Tabernaclee Male Quartet.
Cl-107  IVORY PALACES  (Barraclough., Arr Mason)  Ibid.

L092 c4 ARTRANSA Produced by Artransa Pty Ltd, 132-8 Phillip St., Sydney. Pressed by A.R.C. Pty Ltd. 
A017 (MX36911).  I CROSS MY FINGERS (Kent, Farrar)
Johnny O'Connor, Vocal. With orchestraa accompaniment under the direction of Charlie Munro.
A-017 (MX36912).  BLUE DREAMS  (Jack O'Hagan)  Ibid.

L093 c4 VOX  Made in Germany. [Released in Britain.]
6127 (1776B).  SPRING IS RETURNING WITH THE BIRDS  (Lindemann).  Whistled by Messra Laurenz and partner.
6127 (1775B).  THE MILL IN THE BLACK FOREST  (R.Ellenberg)  Ibid.

L094 c4+ PICCADILLY  Piccadilly Records Ltd. London. 
5010 (1539).  THE LUTE PLAYER  (Allilsen).  Frederick Ranalow, Baritone with Orchestra.
5010 (1538).  THE FLORAL DANCE  (Moss)  Ibid.

L095  c3 THE "CHAPPELL" RECORD  Chappell & Co. Ltd., London.
No.11.  CHARMEUSE   (R. Coningsby Clarke).  The Chappell Symphony Orchestra. Conductor Mr Arthur Wood.
No.11.   UNA  (Paul A.Rubens).  Music from 'The Girl from Utah'.  Ibid.

Serial 5122 (X-2-42668).  ETERNAL FATHER  (Whiting).  Sung by Mr Wilfred Shepherd, with Organ Accompaniment.
Series 5122 (X-2-42669).  ROCK OF AGES  (Toplady)  Ibid.

L097 c3 COLUMBIA RECORD Columbia Graphophone Company, Ltd. London, New York.
1477 (4522).  SIMPLE AVEU  (Francis Thome).  Violin, Flute, and Harp Trio.
1477 (4521).  OFT IN THE STILLY NIGHT (Thomas Moore)  Ibid.

L098 c4 VOCALION  Vocalion Records, Melbourne, Vic. Manufactured in Australia
XA-18043 ).  DIANE (Rapee Pollack).  Harry Carlton, Tenor, with Orchestral Accompaniment.
XA-18043).  MY BLUE HEAVEN  (Donaldson).  Bill Desmond. Baritone, with Orchestral Accompaniment.

L099 c3 EXCELOPHONE RECORD Made in England.
438 (377).  WHERE THE SUNSET TURNS THE OCEAN BLUE TO GOLD  (Petrie).  Sung by Mr Ivan Williams. 
438 (376).  WHEN YOU AND I WERE YOUNG MAGGIE.  Sung by E.P. Sheridan.

L100 c3 COLUMBIA Columbia Graphophone Company. [Released in USA and Canada].
A2811 (78674) MY BABY'S ARMS  (McCarthy and Tierney).  From 'Follies of 1919'.  Played by Art Hickman's Orchestra.
A2811 (78667) ON THE STREETS OF CAIRO (Hutton)  Ibid.

L101 c3+ IMPERIAL British Made.
1534 (3949).  CAROLINA SWEETHEART  (Billy James). Played by Greenings Dance Orchestra. Vocal chorus, Chas. Bonheur.
1534 (3947) BABETTE  (H.Nichols)  Ibid.

L102 c3+ PATHE   Made in Australia by E.M.I. (Australia) Pty Ltd.
MGA1009 (CMT747) MAMMA ROSA.  R.Carosone.
MGA1009 (CMT746) CHELLA LLA   (Bajon)  Ibid.

L103 c3+ CETRA made in Australia. Distributed by Minstrel Records Co.
DC-31 (B10157) ESPANA CANI (Marquina).  Mitchell Corino and His Folk Orchestra.
DC-31 (A53140) MARIMIMMO  (Marbeni).  Orchestra Rio Rita. Maestro Michele Ortuso.

L104 c3 GUARDSMAN  Made in England.
Sung by David Sheppard. Baritone with Orchestral accompaniment. 
2057).  BLUE SKIES  (Berlin).  Harry Taylor. Baritone with Orchestral Accompaniment. 

L105 c3+ COLISEUM RECORD  Recorded in London. Reproduced in Prussia.
274a).  ROCK OF AGES.  M.C.Vincent
274b).  ETERNAL FATHER STRONG TO SAVE.  Arthur Braddon, with Organ Accompaniment.

L106 c3 HOMOCHORD  British Manufacture.
H-297  THE LUTE PLAYER (Allison).  Sung by Alan Turner. 
H-297).  DRINK TO ME ONLY WITH THINE EYES  (Ben Johnson)  Ibid.

L107 c2 AEOLIAN VOCALION   Manufactured in England. 
X-9020  DARDANEELLA  (Bernard and Black).  Played by Biese's Novelty Orchestra.
X-9020 SWANEE  (Caesar, Gershwin).  Played by Yerkes' Dance Orchestra.). 

L108 c5 BRUNSWICK  The Brunswick-Balke Collender Company.
2922-A PAL OF MY CRADLE DAYS (Montgomery, Piantadosi).  Frank Munn. Tenor with Orchestra.
Frank Munn. Tenor with Piano and Violin.

L109 c4 AEOLIAN VOCALION  The Aeolian Company 1916.
A14120 SWEETEST LADY  (Caddigan, Storey).  Elliot Shaw (with) Orchestra Accompaniment.
B14120 WHEN I FOUND YOU  (Romberg).  From 'Poor Little Ritz Girl'. Sam Ash. Orchestra Accompaniment. [Brown disc].

L110 c3+ EXCELOPHONE RECORD  Pressed in Germany  [Released in Britain?]
5672 (24446) ON THE MISSISSIPPI  (Caroll, Fields).  Mr Harry Cove.
5672 (24447) HEAR THAT ORCHESTRA RAG  (Joe Hollander)  Ibid.

G.O.12  (X-42917).  TOREADOR SONG from 'Carmen'.  (Bizet).  Mr Peter Dawson with Quartette. London.
G.O.12 (X-44118).   SOLENNE IN QUEST 'ORA  (Verdi).  From 'La Forza del Destino'.
Messrs Ernest Pike and Peter Dawson. London.

L112  c3 BROADCAST TWELVE Made in Australia by Vocalion (Foreign) Ltd.
Electrically recorded by Marconi Co's Process.
A1001 (ALO6) ROMANCE  (Wienawski). Violin solo by Jan Rubini. Piano accompaniment by W. Burrell.
A1001 (ALO7) UN PEU D'AMOUR (Las Silesu)  Ibid. [Small diameter size label. With original sleeve.]

L113 c3 BROADCAST DE LUXE SERIES  Made in Australia
W548(A).  Vocal Gems from THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD Part 1. (Gilbert and Sullivan). 
Soloists, Chorus, Orchestra.
W548(A).  Vocal Gems from THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD Part 2. (Gilbert and Sullivan)  Ibid.  [With original sleeve.]

L114 c3 BRUNSWICK  The Brunswick-Balke Collender Company.
2414-A BESIDE A BABBLING BROOK (Kahn, Donaldson).  Marion Harris. Comedienne with Orchestra.
2421-B DEAREST (Davis, Akst)  Ibid.

L115 c3+ CENTURY RECORDS  Made by Century Records Pty Ltd., Sydney.
Recorded in the U.S.A. by The Carrano Company.
CY1010 (MX50-171).  THE TEARS OF ST. ANNE  (Fetters, Porter). Russ Vincent. With the Lloyd Shaffer Orchestra, Ray Charles Choir.
CY1019 (MX50-170).  SAINT FRANCES CARRINI (Orlob)  Ibid.

L116 c4+ NIXA  The Nixa Record Company. Made in England.
NY7711 (NS.038). NEVER  (Newman, Daniels).  From the 20th Century Fox Picture, 'The Golden Girl'.
Bill Hurley, accompanied  by Orchestra under the direction of Alec Firman.
NY7711 (NS.035-1).  THEN I'LL BE THERE (Billy Merrin).  Bill Hurley, with Billy Hill at the piano and the Alec Firman Orchestra.

L117 c3+ COLUMBIA-RENA OPERA RECORD  Columbia Phonograph Company Gen'l., New York, London.
D5522 (11166) TRAVIATA - SEMPRE LIBERA. (Verdi).  Sung in Italian [by] G.Finzi-Magrini. Soprano with Orchestra.
 d5522 (11165) TRAVIATA - AH! FORS'E LUI. (Verdi)  Ibid.

L118 c3 COLUMBIA OPERA RECORD  Columbia Phonograph Company Gen'l., New York, London.
D5579 (41955) RIGOLETTO - QUESTA O QUELLA (Verdi).  Manfredi Polverosi. Tenor with Orchestra.
D5579 (41976) RIGOLETTO - LA DONNA E MOBILE (Verdi)  Ibid.

L119 c3 VOCALION  The Aeoloan Company. 
Irving Kaufman. Salvin's Orchestra Accompaniment. Comedy Song.

L120 c3+ RAINBOW  Rodeheaver Record Company, Chicago.
"Ev-ry cloud will wear a rainbow if your heart keeps right". [Good grief!!]
1107-a BRIDGE THE ROAD TO HEAVEN WITH A SMILE (E. Margaret Parker). Homer Rodeheaver with Orchestra. 

L121 c3 GENNETT  Gennett Records, Richmond, Ind[iana], USA.
3319-A AT PEACE WITH THE WORLD  (Berlin).  S.C.Lanin's Orchestra. Broadcasting as 'Ipana Troubadors'. Vocal Chorus.
3319-B SLEEPY BYE  (Winge)  Ibid. [With original sleeve.]

L122 c3 GENNETT  Gennett Records, Richmond, Ind[iana], USA.
4717-A ALOHA OE.  Crescent Trio. Vocal, accompanied by Hawaiian Guitars.
4717-B SWEET LUANA    Ibid.  [With original sleeve.]

L123 c3 ZONOPHONE CELEBRITY RECORD  Manufactured for the British Zonophone Company Ltd., by The Gramophone Co. Ltd., Hayes, Middlesex, England.
GO34).  THE HEART BOWED DOWN.  Sung by Mr Robert Radford.

L124 c3 WESTPORT CURRYS VALUE   Curry Ltd, London.
3128).  APRIL SHOWERS.  Band of H.M.Scots Guards.
3128).  SWANEE ROSE    Ibid.

L125 c5 BELTONA  Made in England
821 (C7079).  SLUMBER SONG (Schumann).  Bell solo played by Dick Morton.
821 (C7077).  SERENADE (Schubert)  Ibid.

L126 c3+ GLOBE RECORD Recorded in England. Reproduced in Prussia.
40825).  I WISH I LIVED NEXT DOOR TO YOU.  Rastas Brown, comic.

L127 c3 TREMONT  American Record Mfg. Co. 
0539 (1468).  WEST OF THE GREAT DIVIDE  (Whiting, Ball).  Tremont Dance Orchestra. Waltz with vocal refrain.
0539 (1351).  HAWAIIN LOVE NEST  (Sherwood, Vandersloot).  Tremont Dance Orchestra. Waltz with Vibraphone refrain.

L128 c3+ STARR GENNETT  Starr Co. of Canada Limited. London, Ontario.
4292-A  LOOK FOR THE SILVER LINING (Bud de Sylva, Jerome Kern).  From the Musical Play, 'Sally'.
Elizabeth Spencer - Lewis James. Soprano - Tenor Duet.
4292-B I'M A LITTLE NOBODY THAT NOBODY LOVES (M.Klauber, B.Munro). Vaughn De Leath. Contralto with Rega Orchestra.

L129 c3+ THE ARIEL GRAND-RECORD  Recorded in London. Reproduced in Prussia.
397a ).  O WERT THOU IN THE CAULD BLAST  (Mendelssohn).  Miss Fraser and Mr Lockhart.
397b).  CROOKIT BAWBEE    Ibid.

L130 c3 CAMEO  British Made
74193).  SIEGE OF ROCHELLE, SELECTION.  Havana Prize Band.
74193).  MIKADO SELECTIONS.  Ibid.

L131 c3 LYRIC RECORD  Lyraphone Co. of America. New York, N.Y.
5130-A GOOD-BYE MOTHER MACHREE  (E.R.Ball).  Henry Burr, Tenor with Orchestra. 
5130-B WHEN I GET BACK TO MY AMERICAN BLIGHTY  (Fields, Morse). Arthur Fields. Baritone with Orchestra.

L132 c4 HIS MASTER'S VOICEE  Record manufactured by The Gramophone Co., Ltd., Sydney. NSW.
EA43 (110003).  HIGH SCHOOL CADETS  (John Philip Sousa). Sousa's Band.
EA43 (110002).  UNDER THE DOUBLE EAGLE  (J.F.Wagner)  Ibid.

L133 c3 W & G SELECTED RELEASE  W. & G. Distributing Co. Pty Ltd.
WG-F 313.  FRIVOLETTA  (Frivolous). The Colonial Troubadors.  Italian. Polka.
WG-F313.  BIRICCHINA  (Mischievous)  Ibid.

11318-A (1557).  WHY DON'T DREAMS COME TRUE  (Geo. E. Patten, John A. Flood). Max Terr and His Orchestra.
11318-B (1558).  BACK IN THE OLD NEIGHBORHOOD (Clyde, Hager,Walter Goodwin, G.Green)  Ibid.

L135 c3 COSMO  Manufactured by Cosmopolitan Records, Inc. New York, U.S.A.
470 (6053).  PATIENCE AND FORTITUDE  (Warren-Moore,Jnr). Hal McIntyre and His Orchestra. Vocal refrain by Frankie lester and Quatet.
470 (6054).  THERE'S NO ONE BUT YOU (Evans, Johnson)  Ibid

L136 c3 PANACHORD Made by Brunswick (Australia) Ltd.
Colt Brothers. Accompanied by Rex Cole Mountaineers. Vocal duet with orchestra.
P12106-B.  ELEVEN MORE MONTHS AND TEN MORE DAYS - PART 1 (Fields, Hall)  Ibid.

L137 c3 PHOENIX  Phoenix Record Co., London. Made in England.
017 (X13).  ESTUDIANTINA WALTZ  (Waldenfel).  Burlington Orchestra.
017 (X14).  ROSES FROM THE SOUTH WALTZ (Strauss)  Ibid.

L138  c4 NR NATIONAL SPECIAL RECORD  D.Davis & Co. Pty Ltd.
NM207).  YOU ARE MY FAV'RITE DREAM  (Davies, Cross).  Barbara James with National Dance Orchestra.
NM206).  KENTUCKY  (Pritchard)  Ibid.

L139 c3 GENNETT  The Starr Piano Co., Richmond, Ind., USA
10070-A (8083) THE ROSARY  (Nevin).  Scipione Guidi, Violin Solo. Piano Accommpanied Thomas Griselle.
10070-B (8084) HUMORESKE  (Dvorak)  Ibid.

L140 c4 PICCADILLY Made in England
698 (4108).  FRENCH COMEDY OVERTURE Part 1. (Keler Bela, arr. Lotter).  Athenaeum Light Orchestra. 
698 (4110).  FRENCH COMEDY OVERTURE Part 1. (Keler Bela, arr. Lotter)  Ibid.

L141 c3 THE NEW EMERSON  Emerson Phonograph Co., Inc., New York.
10629 (4351).   MACUSHLA  (Rowe, MacMurrough).  Walter Scanlan. Tenor Solo Orchestra Accompaniment.
10629 (41498).   NORA  (Walter Scanlan)  Ibid. [With original sleeve.]

L142 c3+ EDISON BELL WINNER   British Manufacture.
5583 (14576).   LINKE-WINKE Part 1.  The Commodore Grand Orchestra. Conductor: Jos. Musscant.
5583 (14577).   LINKE-WINKE Part 2.    Ibid.

L143 c3 JLCO - RECORD  Pressed abroad.
5198 (5080).  I LOVE YOU, INDEED I DO, MY BABE.  (P.B.Armstrong). Florence Bruce, Mezzosoprano with Orchestra.
5198 (5086).  THE CHOIR BOY  (B.Armstrong)  Ibid.

L144 c3+ EDISON BELL WINNER RECORD  J.E.Hough Ltd. Edison Bell Works, London & Huntingdon.
3886 (7935).  THREE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING  (Julian Robledo).  Ferara and Franchini. 
3886 (7936).  MAHINA MALAMALAMA   Ibid. Guitar Duet.

L145 c4 VICTORY RECORD  Recorded in London. Pressed in Prussia. 
C31 (1224).  UP FROM THE COUNTRY.  Sung by Mr Jack Charman and Co. Comic Song.
C31 (1222).  ROUND THE WORLD IN AN AEROPLANE.  Descriptive by Mr Jack Charman and Co.

L146 c3 SCALA Made in England
454 (0856).  THE MAID OF THE MOUNTAINS Part 1.  Played by Band of H.M.Scots Guards
454 (0856).  THE MAID OF THE MOUNTAINS Part  2.  Ibid.

L147 c3+ ACO The Aeolian Co. Ltd., London.  Made in England.
G-15631.  ADELAI (Sputrin).  Sung by Billy Desmond, Baritone, accompanied by Jeffries' Dance Quintte.
G-15631.  THE SEA HAWK  (Willy Redstone).  Sung by Stephen Langley , baritone, with piano accompaniment.

L148 c3+ GRAND PREE RECORD   British Manufacture
18076 (N94164) PARTED  (Tosti).  Harold Taylor
18076 (N94166) I NEED YOU SO (Geehi)  Ibid.  [With original sleeve).

L149 c4+ WINNER  Manufactured at Edison Bell Works, London.
2733 (1406).  THE GHURKAS PARADE.  Dudley Roy. Xylophone Solo.
2733 (1405).  THE ISLANDER    Ibid. 

L150 c3+ PARLOPHONE  Record made by the Parlophone Co. Ltd, London.
A2097 (40583A) JUST A COTTAGE SMALL  (de Sylva, Hanley). Bruce Wallace, tenor, accompanied by the Justin Ring Trio.
A2097 (799).  I WONDER OF YOU THINK OF ME  (Jack O'Hagan). Frederick Bishop, baritone. With Orchestral Accompaniment.

L151 c3 COLUMBIA-RENA OPERA RECORD  Columbia Phonograph Company Gen'l., New York, London.
D5558 (41991) AIDA  No. 1 Overture
D4448 (11395) AIDA No 2. Act 1.  [With original sleeve].

L152 c3 HIS MASTER'S VOICE The Garmophone Co. Ltd. 
EA20. (110539) POLIANKA.  Kirilloff's Russian Balalaika Orchestra
EA20 (110538) ODESSA  Ibid.

L153 c3 PARLOPHONE Parlophone Co. Ltd. Made in Australia
A2409 (A237-2) THE BLUE ROOM (Rodgers and Hart). Sidney Burshall. Violin, Guitar and Ukelele Accompaniment. Recorded in Australia.
A2409 (A 234-2) THE GIRL FRIEND (Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart)  Ibid.

L154 c3+ HIS MASTER'S VOICE The Gramophone Cop. Ltd. Made in Great Britain.
POP223 (OEA18662).  WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE? (Lymon, Goldner)
Alma Cogan with Vocal Group and Orchestra conducted by Frank Cordell.
POP223 (OEA18663).  THE BIRDS AND THE BEES (David, Warren).  From the Film, ‘The Birds and the Bees'.  Ibid.

L155 c3 CGD Compagnia Generale Del Disco.  Recorded in Italy. Pressed in Australia for Inter Record Co.
IR1018 (S4447) PASTATIEMPO (Pastime)    (Wolmer).  Wolmer ed I suoi ragazzi argentini.
IR1018 (S4446) KISS TANGO (Jose, Belmonte)  Ibid.

L156 c3 STARR    Made in Australia
710-A).  GET OUT AND GET UNDER THE MOON.  Harold Lambert. Vocal.
710-B).  TALKING TO MYSELF    Ibid.

Produced, Recorded and Processed by Amalgamated Wireless (A'sia) Ltd., Sydney.
AW11337A.  COULD THE ROSE SING MY SONG (Oscar Walters). Ronald Dowd, Tenor. With Leo Demant at the Piano. Sung in English.
AW11424B.  MARGEURITE (Oscar Walters).  Geoffrey Moore, Tenor, With Leo Demant at the Piano. Sung in English. [Material: vinyl]

L158 c3 STERLING Made in Australia by Sterling Record Co.
1135-C).  ROSETTE.  Sterling Dance Orchestra
1135-A).  SOMEDAY SOMEWHERE.  Theme Song from ‘The Red Dance'.  Ibid.

L159 c2 STARR GENNETT Starr Co. Of Canada Limited, London, Ontario.
4281-A).  WYOMING (Gene Williams).  Green Brothers' Novelty Band.
4281-B).  APRIL SHOWERS BRING MAY FLOWERS (Nat and Jack Shilkret).  Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra.
[The two labels are slightly different in design, in that the name ‘Starr' is both in lower case, and caps.]

L160 c3 SILVERTONE Sears, Roebuck & Co. [USA]
3455 (144270).  A LITTLE GIRL - A LITTLE BOY A LITTLE MOON (King, Warren).  Lou Gold and His Orchestra.
3455 (144255).  CHARMAINE! (Rapee, Pollack).  Frank Farrell and His Greenwich Village Inn Orchestra.

L161 c3 THE WINNER British Manufacture.
2966 (1866).  HEN ERDDIGAN.  Carnarvon Choir
2966 (1867).  MEN OF HARLECH.  National Welsh Song.  Ibid.

L162 c2+ WATTLE RECORDINGS Made in Australia
A-7 (MX116).  THE OLD WOMAN AND THE LITTLE PIGGY.  Barbara Lisyak. With Guitar.

L163 c3 ESQUIRE Esquire Record Co. Pty Ltd, Sydney.
E1022).  SHE'S MY TYPE (Mitchell).  Malcolm Mitchell Trio. Vocal Malcolm Mitchell.
E1022).  CHATTANOOGIE SHOE SHINE BOY (Stone, Stapp)  Ibid.

L164 c2+ BETA RECORD British Manufacture.
538).  CASTLES IN THE AIR.  The Elliots. Duet.
538).  MARGIE    Ibid. [Interesting that the central logo is that of a kangaroo] 

L165 c3 AEOLIAN VOCALION Aeolian Company Ltd, London.
X-9423 (N12273).  LEARN TO DO THE STRUT (Irving Berlin).  The Kentucky Colonels.
X-9423 (N12561).  DREAM DADDY (Herscher, Keefer).  The Ambassadors. With vocal refrain. [Label damaged one side.]

L166 c3 EDISON BELL WINNER   Made in England
W108 (B14615) ORCHIDS IN THE MOONLIGHT (Kahn, Eliscu, Youmans). From, ‘Flying Down to Rio'.  Nye Mathew and His Orchestra.
W108 (B14616) CARIOCA (Kahn, Eliscu, Youmans)  Ibid.

L167 c3 VF VELVET FACE EDISON BELL Manufacturers J.E.Hough Ltd. Edison Bell Works, London.
1013 ).  SPRING SONG (Mendelssohn).  The Schumann Quartette.
1013).  LO, HERE THE GENTLE LARK (Bishop)  Ibid. [With original VF sleeve.]

L168 c3 JUMBO-RECORD Manufactured in England.
792 (A22237).  MERRY AND BRIGHT.  Mr. Wm. Ditcham. Xylophone solo With Orchestral Accompaniment.
792 (AQ22236).  CLIQUOT    Ibid - this time a Bell solo. [With original Jumbo-Record sleeve.]

L169 c3 AOELIAN VOCALION The Aeolian Company. 
A12106.  PERSIAN MOON (Kaufman).  Aeolian Dance Orchestra.
B12106 THE VELVET LADY WALTZES (Victor Herbert)  Ibid.

L170 c3+ COLUMBIA Columbia Graphophone (Aust) Ltd., Sydney.
DO-62 (T917).  HINE E HINE.  Te Mauri Meihana. Soprano with Piano Accompaniment.
DO-62 (T918).  WAIRANGI    Ibid.

L171 c3+ COLUMBIA EXCLUSIVE ARTIST Columbia Graphophone Company. 
A3648 (80371).  ROSE OF BOMBAY (Ward, Dyson).  Eddie Elkins' Orchestra. 
A3648 (80370).  JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE YOU THAT'S WHY I LOVE YOU (Turk, Robinson)  Ibid.

L172 c3 CLOVER The Nutmeg Record Corporation. 
1730-A (3916).  ADORABLE (Ford & Wynburn).  Hall and Ryan. Tenor and Baritone Duet.
1730-B (3914).  MOTHER LOVE (Adler, Hall).  Arhur Fields. Tenor solo. 
[Label manufacture not indicated. Reg. USA Patent Office is no indication.]

L173 c3+ COAST RECORDS Coast Record Manufacturing Co., Los Angeles.
2003-A (208).  DON'T SWEETHEART ME (Friend, Tobias).  Ozie Waterss and the Colorado Hillbillies.
2003-B (214).  THERE'S A TEAR IN YOUR EYE (Shrum, Hoag). Walt Sschrum and his Colorado Hillbillies. Vocal by Jeannie Akers and Trio.

L174 c3 HIS MASTER'S VOICE Beliner Gram-O-Phone Co. Ltd., Montreal. Canada.
18902-A (397).  LOVEABLE EYES (Schwartz).  From, ‘Make it Snappy'. Club Royal Orchestra Under the Direction of Clyde Doerr. 
18902-B (397).  I LOVE HER - SHE LOVES ME (Caesar).  From, ‘Make it Snappy'. Zez Confrey and His Orchestra. Zez Confrey at the Piano.

L175 c3+ BON MARCHE Made in America for Payne's Bon Mrache, Bourke St., Melbourne.
1008-A ).  WHISP'RING TREES (Hall).  Adrian Schubert's Salon Orchestra.
1008-B (6674).  THINKING (Ohmans, Morhans)  Ibid.

L176 c3 BOSWORTH RECORD Iasuued by Bosworth & Co. Ltd., London.
BC1027 (CP405) PRIMROSE PATH (Clark) PENGUINS PICNIC (P.B.Carver).  The Regent Classic Orchestra.
BC1027 (CP402) LION MARCH (H. Elliott Smnith) COLOURS OF LIBERTY (W.Kuhn)  Ibid.

L177 c3 LYRIC Australian Made
3341 ).  YOU WILL REMEMBER VIENNA .  From ‘Vienna Nights'.  Gandino's Salon Orchestra. Vocal Chorus.
3341-B).  I BRING A LOVE SONG   Ibid.

L178 c2 MACQUARIE BOSWORTH Manufactured by Australian Record Co., Sydney, NSW.
BC1051 (CP493) IN HOLIDAY MOOD (Albert W.Ketelbey).  The Louis Voss Grand Orchestra.
BC1051 (CP494) IN HOLIDAY MOOD   Ibid. [Several large chips from rim, but one only just eating into the first track.]

L179 c2 BLUEBIRD RCA Manufacturing Co. Inc. Camden, NJ. USA
B-7099-A.  THE MOON GOT IN MY EYES (John Burke, Arthur Johnson).  From the Paramount film, ‘Double or Nothing'.
Shep Fields and his Rippling Rhythm Orchestra. Vocal refrain by Bob Goday. 
B7099-B.  ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS DANCE  (John Burke, Arthur Johnson)  Ibid. 
[Serious crack nearly through to the spindle hole. With original Bluebird sleeve.]

L180 c3 RODEO RECORDS Manufactured by Australian Record Company. Pty Ltd., Sydney.
10-0045A (MX40983).  TINY BABY BONNET (Wiley Walker, Gene Sullivan)
The McKean Susters. Australia's Melody Cowgirls and the Melody Rangers.
10-0045B (MX41232).  THE VALLEY WHERE THE FRANGIPANIS GROW (J.McKean).  The McKean Sisters. 

L181 c3 OKEH RECORD Otto Heinemann Phonograph Supply Co., Inc. New York City.
4009-A  STEIN SONG (Hovey, Bullard).  Royal Dadmun. Baritone with Orchestra.
4009-B).  HUNTING SONG (Hovey, Bullard).  Dadmun and Miller. Vocal duet with Orchestra.
[With origonal Okeh sleeve. The word ‘LATERAL' in large font is shown just under the spindle hole on both sides. Probably refers to thew ‘lateral' cutting of the disc, which is the more common, as againsst the ‘hill and dale' method of recording.]

Describing a New Technique in the Production of Liver Extract and Its Use in the Treatment of Anaemias.
MU2794.  PROTEOLYSIS PART 2.  Ibid. [Now this ias one that hasn't made the Mitch Miller Singalong Songbook!!]

L183 c2 DOMINION RECORD Record Made by Dominion Gramophone Records, Pty Ltd, England.
A121 (1237).  ONE KISS (Romberg).  From ‘New Moon'.  Deauville Dance Orchestra. Vopcal refrain.
A121 (1230).  LOVER, COME BACK TO ME (Romberg)  Ibid. [Serious crack.] 

L184 c4 METROPOLE Metropole Gramophone Co. Ltd. Made in England.
1030 (M91-2).  VALSE CAPRICE (Ant. Rubinstein).  The Casino Octet.
1030 (M93).  GOLLY WOGS CAKE WALK (Claude Debussey)  Ibid.

L185 c3 ROMEO Made in USA
2091-A (13414) ARE YOU SURE YOU LOVE ME? (Bown, DeRose).  Harold White and His Orchestra.
2091-B (13416) CAROLINA LULLABY (Reeker, Baskette, Rose)  Ibid.

L186 c3 GRAMMAVOX The Sound Recording Company Ltd., London.
2071).  FATHER O'FLYNN.  Sung by J.H.Scotland, bass.
2069).  DRINKING.  Sung by Mr Fred Yorke, bass.

L187 c3 GENNETT Richmond, Indiana [USA]
4714-A).  MOONLIGHT (Conrad)  Natzy and His Biltmore Orchestra.
4714-B).  SUNSHINE (Little, Stanley, Motzan)  Ibid. [With original Gennett sleeve.]

L188 c3 VOCALION Made in USA.
04554 (C2385).  WHEN PAW WAS COURTIN' MAW (Manus, Joy)
Hoosier Hot Shots. Novelty Hot Dance with Singing.
04554 (C2387).  FERDINAND THE BULL (Morey, Malotte).   From ‘Ferdinand the Bull'.  Ibid. [With original Vocalion sleeve. Record has been ‘repaired' with araldite at each end of a long crack.]

L189  c3 ORIOLE Made in USA.
1627 (a) (2331) SINGIN' IN THE RAIN (Freed, Brown).  Featured in the ‘Hollywood Revue of 1929'.  University Boys.
1627 (b) (2333) MY ROSALIE Gordon, Eddy). Roy Collins Dance Orchestra. Vocal Chorus William Stanley.  [With original Oriole sleeve.]

L190 c3+ OKEH RECORD. Otto Heineman Phonograph Supply Co. Inc., New York City/
1074-A).  OH! HOW I HATE TO GET UP IN THE MORNING (Irving Berlin). Irving Kaufman. Orchestra accompaniment. 
1074-B).  GOOD MORNING, MR ZIP, ZIP, ZIP (Robert Lloyd). Arthur Fields. Orchestra accompaniment.  [With original Okeh sleeve.]

L191 c3+ THE WINNER british Manufacture. It Wins.
3125 (2186).  "THEODORE & CO."  Royal Court Orchestra.
3125 (2187).  "THEODORE & CO"  Ibid.

L192 c3 COLUMBIA SAMPLE RECORD 25C.  Colombia Phonograph Co. 
1S (64384).  SCHUBERT SERENADE.  Chas. Hackett, tenor solo. Toscha Seidel, violin solo. Columbia Symphony Orchestra.
1S (81218).  TED LEWIS POPULAR FAVOURITES.  [Is this the early jazz clarinetist Ted Lewis/]

L193 c3+ COLUMBIA Made in USA.
F5-6 4014-F (CO38982) C'EST MERVEILLEUX (Marguerite Monnot, Henri Contet).
Edith Piaf. Chansons Parisiennes. Orchestre dir. Guy Luypaerts. French vocal.
F5-5 4014-F (CO38968) LA VIE EN ROSE (Edith Piaf, Louiguy)  Ibid.

L194 c3 BROADWAY The New Yprk Recording Laboratories, Port Washingtom, Wis. [USA]
1473-A (2026).  WHEN THE MOON COMES OVER THE MOUNTAION (Smith, Woods, Johnson). 
Oriole Salon Orchestra. Waltz with Vocal Chorus.
1473-B (2027).  THE KISS THAT YOU'VE FORGOTTEN Dick, Link).  The Checker Box Boys.

L195 c3 NODDY - HIS MASTER'S VOICE Made in Australia.
Enid Blyton tells the story. Instrumental accompaniment conducted by Philip Green. 
TA1006 (OEA17582).  NODDY IS NAUGHTY    Ibid.

L196 c3 FLAMINGO Flamingo Recording Co.  Recorded at B.E.A.
F-01).  ROUND AND ROUND (Shapiro, Stallman).  Donald Sisters with The Les Patching Quartette.
F-01).  SOUTH AMERICAN JOE (Friend, Caesar)  Ibid.

L197 c3 WALLIS ORIGINAL Wallis Original Record Corp., USA.
W2002A.  LONG LONG TIME (Words and Music by Ruth Wallis). Ruth Wallis and Orchestra. Comedy Novelty With Instrumental Accompaniment.
W2002B.  GIMME (Words and Music by Ruth Wallis)  Ibid.

L198 c5 REGAL ZONOPHONE Made in England
Rosehill Band of the Salvation Army Assurance Society. Conducted by Brigadier A.H. jakeway.
MF325 (CAR6697).  THE BETHLEHEM STORY - SUITE , PART 2 (Allen)  Ibid.

L199 sc3+ ODEON Made in England
PL15 (GO3646) ME POLEMAS BABESSIKA - ZEIMBEKIKO.  Hatzichristou - Vamvar/is. Acc. Pop. Orch.
PL15 (GO3647) VARKA YIALO - ALLEGRO.  Papaioannou Vamva/ris. Moshonas Orch.

L200 sc3 OLYMPIC Warranted Englissh Made 
1080).  FOLIE BERGERE (Maron).  Fletcher. Accordion Solo.
1080).  CAVALRY GALOP A. Guvearl. Accordion solo.

L201 sc3 BELTONA DE LUXE Made in England
6039 (MC7410X) EVEN THE BRAVEST HEART (Gounod).  Hebden Foster. Baritone with Piano Accompaniment.
6039 (MC7409) SONG OF THE FLEA (Moussorgsky)  Ibid.

L202 sc3 REGAL   Made in England
G6658 (28107).  YOUR LOVE IS LIFE TO ME (Harry Marlow). Stanley Kirkby. Baritone. With Orchestra.
G6658 (28108).  WHEN THE CONVENT BELL IS RINGING (Mellor, Gifford, Trevor)  Ibid.

L203 c2 THE WINNER British Manufacture.
3098 (2133).  AT THE END OF A BEAUTIFUL DAY   Robert Carr.
3098 (2132).  "BLIGHTY" (The Soldieers ‘Home, Sweet Home')  Ibid. 

L204 c3 WINNER Manufactured at Edison Bell Works, London.
4168 (8985).  Mc GREGOR'S PARTY (Black, Hyde).  Elton Black.
4168 (9007).  FOU LAST NICHT (Black, Hyde)  Ibid. 

L205 c3 DOMINION RECORDS Record made by Dominion Gramophone 
A62 (1041).  IN A CLOCK STORE.  Fred Kitchen and His Astoria Cinema Orchestra. From the Astoria Cinema, London.
A62 (1042).  LUE DANUBE (Strauss)  Ibid.

L206 sc3 PICCADILLY Piccadilly Records Ltd., London. Made in England
5110 (4048-2).  A SUPPER WITH SUPPE PART 1.  Athenaeum Symphony Orchestra. 
5110 (4049-2).  A SUPPER WITH SUPPE PART 2   Ibid. [With original Piccadilly sleeve.]

L207 sc3 POPULAR Popular Record Co.. This Record guaranteed entirely English Manufacture.
P92).  FAUST (Gounod).  The Earl of Lonsdale's Private Band.
P92).  SEMPER FIDELIS (Sousa)  Ibid.

L208 sc1 GREY GULL Biston, USA
1227-a (3459) MOONLIGHT MEMORIES (Tariss, Rose).  Pacific Coaast Players.
1227-b (42589) DREAMY MOON (L.Tutela).  Olympic Dance Orchestra. 
[With original Grey Gull sleeve. Record is broken, with huge chip removing about one third of the tracks.]

L209 sc3 EMERSON Emerson Phonograph Company Inc., New York.
10121 (4818) DARDANELLA (Bernard, Black).  Intro: A Laughing Saxophone. By Sandford's Famous Dance Orchestra. 
10121 (4790) O (OH!)  Medley.  The Imperial Three. {With original Emerson sleeve.]

L210 c3+ CARINIA Recoprded in Switzerland. Made in Australia.
YTM-307 (S3392).  VRANJANKA KOLO (Serbian Folk Dance).  Orkestar Iz Svajcarske.
YTM-307 (FS270).  LIVADICA SVUD OKOLO ZICA (Serbian Folk Song). R. Dimic uz Orkestar Radio Beograda.

L211 c1 ELECTRON Electron Records Company. Made in Australia.
5051-A).  HALLELUJAH .  From, ‘Hit the Deck'. Henry Halstead and His Congress Orchestra. Foxtrot with Vocal Chorus.
5051-B).  SOMETIMES I'M HAPPY.  From ‘Hit the Deck'.
Paul Cliquot & His Eskimeaux. [Broken - large chip cracked off; very fragile]

L212 c3 BON MARCHE Payne's Bon Marche Pty Ltd. Drapers, Bourje Street, Melbourne.
131 (4505).  UP FROM SOMERSET.  Sung by Tom Kinneburgh With Orchestral accompaniment.
131 (4474).  THE TRUMPETER    Ibid.

10155-A.  HYMN TO THE SUN.  Mishel Piastro. Pianoforte by Frederick Persson.
10155-B.  HEART OF HARLEQUIN   Ibid.

L214 c3 EXCELOPHONE RECORD Made in Germany
8689 (10519).  AN EVENING SONG.  John Jamieson. Tenor.
8689 (10518).  THE HOLY CITY   Ibid.

L215 c3 UNIVERSAL DOUBLE DISC Recorded in England. Pressed in Berlin.
8016a.  EILEEN ALANNAH.  Bernard Turner. 
8016b.  SING ME TO SLEEP   Ibid.

L216 sc3 HARMONY Made and Patd in U.S.A. Jan 21, ‘13 and May 22. ‘23.
117-H (141618) HOME, SWEET HOME (Bishop).  Irving Kaufman. Vocal, Orchestra accompaniment.
117-H (141617) THE PRISONER'S SONG (Masser)  Ibid.

L217 sc3 THE WINNER British Manufacture.
3400 (6518).   WHEN MARTIN FLYNN PLAYS ON HIS VIOLIN  The Two Bobs. Duet.
3400 (6520).   COME DOWN TO BUNGALOW TOWN    Ibid.

L218 sc3+ THE FLAG RECORD Recorded in England. Reproduced in Prussia.
454a PINAFORE SELECTION PART 1 (Sullivan).  Flag London Orchestra. 
454b PINAFORE SELECTION PART 2 (Sullivan)  Ibid.

L219 sc3+ ELECTRON Electron Record Company. Made in Australia.
5054-A.  RAMONA.  Lawrence Henry. Vocal.            5054-B.  TOGETHER  Ibid.

L220 sc3 BEKA GRAND RECORD Manufactured Throughout in England.
227 (40623).  HUMORESKE (Dvorak).  Played by Beka London Orchestra.
227 (40624).  THE GLOW-WORM (P.Lineke)  Ibid.

L221 sc3+ THE ARIEL GRAND RECORD   Made in England.
4305 (2122-2).  MY INSPIRATION IS YOU (E.Leslie, H.Nicholls). Ariel Dance Orchestra. With Vocaal Chorus.
4305 (2121-2).  JUST A LITTLE FIND AFFECTION (E.Leslie, E.Lynton)  Ibid.

L222 c2 PHOENIX Phoenix Record Co., London. Made in England.
046 (X505).  THE ROW IN THE PIT (Descriptive).  Eddie Sharp and Company.
046 (X504).  MERRY OLD MAN (Laughing Song).  Eddie Sharpe. Comic. With Orchestraa.

L223 sc3+ COLUMBIA GRAND OPERA RECORD Columbia Phonograph Company Gen'l. New York, London.
A689 (4059).  MANON (Massenet).  Florencio Constantine. Tenor. In Italian, with Orchestra.
A689 (4049).  IRIS (Mascagul)  Ibid. [In original Columbia Grand Opera Records sleeve, with semi-clear greaseproof paper insert over viewing hole.]

L224 sc3+ THE DUOPHONE British Manufacture.
B-5100 (G1461) ROLLING STONE (Valentine Tunbridge).  Sung by Fred Wilberforce, baritone, with Orchestral Accompaniment.
B-5100 (G1550) A FOOL'S PARADISE (Carlton Wright). Sung by Ralph Walters, Baritone with Orchestra Accompaniment.

L225 sc3 COLUMBIA Made in England.
D1004 (70669).  BOHEME   Ding Borgioli. Tenor.
D1004 (70686).  PURITANI  Ibid.

L226 sc3 COLUMBIA-RENA RECORD Columbia Phonograph Company Gen'l, New York, London. 
1931 (28064).  PARADISE (Bennett Scott).  Miss Nella Webb. Comedienne with Orchestra.
1931 (28066).  DON'T YOU MIND IT, HONEY (Caro Roma)  Ibid. 

L227 sc1 LINCOLN The Lincoln Record Corporation, N.Y. [USA]
2560 (1996).  ROSE OF ST. MARY'S (Bryan, Snyder).  Ray Hamilton. Tenor Solo.
Harry Weil. Tenor Solo. [Badly chipped and cracked. Included here because one label is clear of duty stamps.]

L228 sc3 ZONOPHONE RECORD The British Zonophone Co. Ltd. 
3341 (X-2-835).  MA! (Con Conrad).  Benson Orchestra of Chicago.
3341 (X-2-834).  Kalmar, Harry & Herman Ruby)  Ibid.

634 (X-2-42101) ROAMING IN THE GLOAMING (Lauder). Sung by Harry Lauder. Scottish Comedian. With Otchestral accompaniment.
634 (X-2-42100 I'TS JUST LIKE BEING AT HOME (Lauder, Hargreaves)  Ibid.

10115-A .  LAST HOUR (Brown, Kramer).  Mario Chamlee, Tenor with Violin Obligato by Fredric Fradkia.
10115-B.  DREAMS DIMLY LYING (Baker, Rexas)  Ibid.

L231 c2 THE WINNER British Manufacture.
3273 (5853).  HATS OFF TO THE STOKER.  Charles Tree. Song.
3273 (5854).  THE LIKES OF THEY.  Dedicated to J.Havelock Wilason, M.P. abd the Sailors and Firemen'ss Union.
Charles Tree. Great Propaganda Record.

L232 c2 BULLDOG RECORD British Manufacture Throughout.
659 (K-2001).  UNDER PARIS'S BROER (Vincent Scotto).  Played by Christiania Dance Orchestra.
659 (K-2002).  CASANOVA WALTZ (Paul Lincke)  Ibid.

L233 c3+ VICTORY RECORD Kalliope Company. Recorded in London. Pressed in Saxony.
A54 (1450).  PRINCESS CAPRICE Selection I.  Played by Band of 12th Hussars. 
A54 (1451).  PRINCESS CAPRICE Selection II.  Ibid.

L234 c3 HOMOPHON COMPANY G.M.B.H.  Pressed in Berlin.
906 (6357).  THE BAY OF BISCAY (J.Davy).  Sung by Arthur Gibson, tenor with orchestra accompaniment.
906 (6346).  BECAUSE (Guy d'Hardelot)  Ibid.

L235 c3+ GENNETT Division of The Starr Piano Co., Richmond, Ind.
4766-A).  HONOLULU HONEY (Weslyn, Applefield, Dyson).  Hart and Shaw. Acc. Hawaiian Orchestra.
4766-B).  SWEET HAWAIIAN GIRL OF MINE (Perry)  Ibid. [With original Gennett sleeve.]

4012-a (974).  KATHLEEN MAVOURNEEN (J.N.Crouch).  Sung by Hugh Donovan with Orchestra.
4012-b (975).  COME BACK TO ERIN (Claribel)  Ibid. [With original Grey Gull sleeve.]

L237 sc3 ODEON RECORD International Talking Machine Co.
Cat.No. 0794 (143023).  LIMERICKITIS PART 1.
Mr Barclay Gammon. The Society Entertainer. Accompanied by himself on the Piano.
Cat.No. 0794 (143024).  LIMERICKITIS PART 1  Ibid. [It could be a German release as ‘Co.' is followed by ‘m.b.H'.]

L238 sc3 ODEON RECORD International Talking Machine Co.
Mr Barclay Gammon. The Society Entertainer. Accompanied by himself. London
66896).  HAUNTED BY THE SHADOWS Part 2.  Ibid. [It could be a German release as ‘Co.' is followed by ‘m.b.H'.]

Manufactured by The Gramophone Co. Ltd. (And Sister Companies). 
GC30641.  MON ETOILE (Denisty).  Played by the Tzigane Orchestra. Paris.
[Singled sided, with Angel motif engraved, and words ‘GRAMOPHONE'.]

L240 c4 PARLOPHONE Made in Australia.  Recorded in Australia.
A2994 (A517).  RAUKAWA (Traditional)
The Tahiwis. Accompaniment by The Rhythmic Three. 
A2994 (A515).  TAKOTO MAI RAUKURA (Traditional)  Ibid.