This website contain a number of linked pages reflecting a modest collection of music memorabilia - records, labels, equipment, books. Not all are for sale - but most of the records certainly are.

Of the 78rpm records - there are 2298 listed - most are 10-inch, 168 are 12-inch. Most are jazz, 885. There are 420 vocal and 181 dance band. Australian jazz is represented by 44 records. There are over 400 different labels; 240 of these are listed separately as, in my opinion, the labels on this list are more important than the music content. All of the records are listed on their separate webpages - see Records. 

To known why I would like to dispose of most of the collection, see Personal Introduction. Suffice to say, I am getting on in years, I no longer collect and play them, it is a waste to have them stored without being appreciated, they take up space, and my daughter and son are not likely to enjoy them as I have done. I will keep a few, for old times sake. 

So - offers of interest are encouraged. I'd like to see my collection in the  hands of an audiophile, but of course what happens to them after they are sold is none of my business.  Many of the labels are rare. Some of the jazz records are scarce. Each record has a quality code - some are in pristine, never or rarely played. I may breakup the collection, but I would need good cause to do so. 

One problem that I am sure you recognise is the matter of delivery. The collection is in the township of Yarram in South Gippsland, 200km east of Melbourne, Australia. Shipping overseas is probably out of the question. Even shipping within Australia is a problem. So, it will be the buyers responsibility to pick them up. All, of course, are in sleeves. Many sleeves are original. 

Yes, the collection is open for inspection. It's just a mater of contacting me, initially by email

Of the books, and playing equipment, I am open to offers, but it is the records that I am concerned about.