Wilco Records, Sydney, Australia.

Miller [M] lists the label from 1948 to January 1951, a short reign to say the least. Catalog numbers went from O-0, to O-124. 

Australian jazz artists are featured: The Southern Jazz Group(1947-1949), Rex Stewart and His Sydney Six (1949), Les Welch and His Eight Beat Bots (1948), Frank Coughlan abd His Lucky Seven (1950), Graeme Bell and His Ragtime Piano (1950), Wocka Dyer and His Bacchanalians (1950). It may seem surprising that Miller [J] does not list the example show J241 of Humphrey Littelton and His Band but Littelton was English, and although he recorded in Australia with Ade Monsborough, this was not recorded on Wilco (it was on Parlophone and Swaggie et al). 

Wilco Records were also distributors of the Circle (qv) label. Australia. The Wilco records were probably manufactured by Australian Record Co. Pty Ltd, Sydney (as were Circle).  

Records in collection:

J0241 c3* WILCO  Wilco Records, Sydney. Manuufactured by Austrqalian Record Co. Pty Ltd, Sydney.
O-113 (mx-34402).  IF YOU SEE ME COMIN'  (Bunn, Mezzrow). Recorded December 2, 1948.
Humphrey Lyttelton and His Band. Lyttelton, cornet. Fawkes, clarinet. Brown, trombone. Webb, piano. Rawlings, bass. Skrimshire, guitar. Carey, drums.
O-113 (MX34401).  CAKE WALKIN' BABIES  (Williams, Smith, Troy). Ibid.
[Normal wear but appears to have two small 'bubbles' on 'If You See Me Comin.]

J729 c3+ WILCO Wilco Records, Sydney. Manufactured by Australian Record Co. Pty Ltd., Sydney.
O-105 (MX32134).  THE THIN REED LINE (Alford).  Recorded London, November 18, 1948.
Humphrey Lyttelton and His Band. Humprey Lyttelton, corneet. Harry Brown, trombone. Wally Fawkes, clarinet. George Webb, piano. Les Rawlings, baass. Nevil Skrimshire, guitar. Dave Carey, drums.
O-105 (MX32135).  MELANCHOLY BLUES (Bloom, Melrose, Schoebel). Ibid.