Vogue Records. Made in England.

Not sure why this label is not listed by any of my current websites that I have been using as a reference, but they seem to be prolific ion their output. One refressing point is that the label acknowledges where the original music ‘came from', ie the original (we presume) pressing company - and, they apopear not to resort to pseudonyms. 

It appears to be a modern label, of the 1950s. Amd there is only one design, although of several colours. The colour of the label does not seem to follow a music theme. (I also have a yellow label). 
See also Tempo Records.

 Records in collection:

J0034 sc4 VOGUE RECORDS. By arrangement with Blue Note Records, NY.
V.2053.  (cd 114) JUST A LITTLE WHILE TO STAY HERE (Traditional)
George Lewis and his New Orleans Stompers. George Lewis, clarinet; Jim Robinson, trombone; Kid Howard, trumpet; Lawremce Marrero, banjo; Chester Zardis, bass; Edgar Mosley, drums. 
V.2053. (cd 107) JUST A CLOSER WALK WITH THEE (Traditional). Ibid

J0066  sc4 VOGUE RECORDS. Made in England. Commodore Records,N.Y. Original Issue General 4005
V.2122  (CMR2572) DON'T YOU LEAVE ME HERE   (Morton). Jelly Roll Morton   Piano and vocal
V.2122  (CMR 2565) KING PORTER STOMP  (Morton)  Jelly Roll Morton. Piano solo.

J736 c3+ VOGUE RECORDS Apollo Records, NY. 
V302 (c2334).  I'M GLAD SALVATION IS FREE (Traditional) Negro Spiritual.  Mahalia Jackson. 
V302 (c2329).  THE LAST MILE OF THE WAY (Traditional) Negro Spiritual.  Mahalia Jackson. 

J0256 c2 VOGUE RECORDS. By arrangement with Blue Note Records, N.Y.
V2052 (cd104).   TWO JIM BLUES  (Jim Robinson).  George Lewis and His new Orleans Stompers. Lewis, clarinet. Jim Robinson, trombone. Lawrence Marrero, banjo. Sidney 'Little Jim' Brown, tuba. Edgar Mosley, drums.
V2052 (cd118).   MILENBERG JOYS  (Morton). Ibid.