The Scala Record Company began issuing records in England in 1911, pressed in Germany from masters cut by other companys, mainly Beka. After WW1, a new Scala label was introduced which included pressings made in England from masters recorded in London, and from the Starr Piano Company and Aeolian Company, both of the USA. This post-wat label was of a ricj green , with a drawing of the famous Milan opera house in the upper half, and the laabel name scrolled in gold. As Rust [R] rightly opines, the design I as ususual as it is tasteful. 

Content: The records were aaimed at the market of those of ‘modest means', and included popular vocals, light classics, and dance music. There is some jazz, not much, bit what there is is of considerable interest. The Original Memphis Five (from Vocalion), and the Southland Six playing Runnin' Wild (from Gennett) may be found. These, and other bands, went under pseudonyms, of the Broadway Band, and Vorzanger's Band (!!). As much as this seems to be fantacised name dreamt up ibn a cloud of hooch by a record executive, it is actually a read bandleader, Victor Vorzanger, a hungarian violinist whose Boradway Band recorded for Scala in England. Rust [R] states that,"... Vorzanger's are almost certainly the first jazz records made by a band of mixed American negro and British white musicians. They were made during the norther summer of 1922. They were also released as Jagger's Elite Orchestra. 

Rust [ER] indicates that pre-war Scala numbering began at 100, and that ‘certain Scala issues were numbered in a 1000 series coincident with the maain one (label). From this we could deduce that the examples shown, L016 and L085, were coexistent, even though L0156 appears to be, by its plain design, an early release.  

Rust [R] does not describe this label. Judging by its catalog number, it is much later than the previous two examples - but which year?  

Further records in colection:

L146 c3 SCALA Made in England
454 (0856).  THE MAID OF THE MOUNTAINS Part 1.  Played by Band of H.M.Scots Guards
454 (0856).  THE MAID OF THE MOUNTAINS Part  2.  Ibid.

O131 c3+ SCALA IDEAL RECORD Made in England.
7208 (107264).  CLAP YO' HANDS.  From, ‘Oh Kay'.  Played by the Mascot Dance Orchestra
7208 (107511).  HALLELUJAH.  From, ‘Hit the Deck'.  Ibid.

V317 c2 SCALA IDEAL RECORD Made in England.
7051 (0836).  THE ROSEARY (Nevin)
Sung by Mr. Tudor Davies. 
7051 0827).  NIRVANA (S.Adams).  Ibid.


L016 sc3 SCALA RECORD  "The All British 
Gramophone Record".
1219 (079).  BEAUTIFUL OHIO.  
Waltz, played by the Scala Military Band.
1219 (054).  WYOMING WALTZ  Ibid. 
[With original Scala sleeve].

L085 c3+ SCALA   Made in England
297 (0218).  MY LASS FRAE GLASGIE 
TOON.  Sung by Billy Williams
297 (0219).  OH! MR McPHERSON  Ibid.

L030 sc3 SCALA IDEAL RECORD  Scala Record
Co. Ltd. Made in England.
7058 (0467).  YONDER  (Herbert Oliv?).  Mr Tudor 
Davies, tenor solo, with piano and violin.
7058 (0468).  WHO?  (Tosti)  Ibid.

And consider these:

L067 sc3 NATIONAL RECORD   Made in Germany
a).  YOU'RE THE ONE.  Billy Williams
b).  LET'S ALL GO MAD  Ibid.
[Appears to have had a Scala Special Issue No.232 affixed over at least one label. Although printed in Germany, probably released in England - no German language on the label.]

L082 c3 NATIONAL RECORD Overlabel - Scala Special Issue No. 266.  Made in Germany.
l  [letter small case 'el'].   HERE WE ARE AGAIN.  Billy Williams.