See also Zonophone.
Note: There was an American Regal label but I have no example of this. Longwell [L] shows examples.

The British Regal label was introduced in April 1914 as a cheap Columbia subsidiary. The label remained the same up till December 1932: magenta back- ground with gold lettering, as per L080 and L047 shown. Initially, the label included an image of the ceremonial orb, sceptre and maace used in the coronation of British royalty (as per L080). The royal items were removed from the label soon after the end of World War 1, in 1919 (as per L087).  This lasted for three years when the design was again changed, in 1922, to the (Austraalian) example shown N005, where the name is linear horizontal with the copyright information above. This remained till the introduction of Zonophone.

In April 1931 The Gramophone Company in England and the Columbia Graphophone Co.Ltd, merged to form Electrical and Musical Industries (EMI), together with Parlophone (qv), Regal and Zonophone (qv). Two years later, in 1933, the Regal-Zonophone label was released. The ladel continued till 1949. 

Examples as illustrated:

L080 sc2 REGAL  Made in England
G0266 (27373).  THE MINSTREL BOY.   Edward Moore, Tenor. With orchestra.
 G0266 (27373).  THE IRISH EMIGRANT  (Geo.Barker) 

L047 sc4+ REGAL  Made in England
G7558 (69733).  HOME TO OUR MOUNTAINS. 
From 'Il Trovatore'.  (Verdi)
Joan Murray and Frederick Storm, duet in English, with Orchestra.
G7558 (69782).  MISERERE FROM 'IL TROVATORE'.  (Verdi)
British Grand Opwera Company, with Orchestra.  {With original Regal sleeve.]

N005 sc4 REGAL   Made in Australia
G20759 (T980).   PAT HANNA DISCOURSES ON CRICKET PART 1 (Even Unto the Fifth Test Match)
Monologue by Pat Hanna.
G20759 (T989).   PAT HANNA DISCOURSES ON CRICKET PART 2 (Even Unto the Fifth Test Match)
Ibid.  (With original Regal sleeve.]

The label here, L202, varies somewhat in the font of the label name and looks to be of a more modern design. Note however that it contains the royal implements as per the first Regal described above. Now -  if you look closely you will see that there is an original label beneath the Regal label. Using high contrast resolution with Paint Shop Pro on a computer, this original label can be read and is of the same design as that of L226, a Columbia-Rena Record  label, from the Columbia Phonograph Company General. (Qv Columbia label).  My supposition is that a Columbia-Rena release was pasted over with a Regal label sometime between the merger in 1931, and the release of the Rena-Zonophone label - so we are continuing the chronological display of the labels. Interestingly, Rust [R] does not mention this label nor its paste-over.  Also, neither Field [F] nor Longwell [L] show the label. Staunton S] lists it under the 1920-29 decade which I think is a bit early. 

L202 sc3 REGAL   Made in England
G6658 (28107).  YOUR LOVE IS LIFE TO ME (Harry 
Marlow). Stanley Kirkby. Baritone. With Orchestra.
RINGING (Mellor, Gifford, Trevor)  Ibid.
The Regal-Zonophone label was first released in 1933 and lasted till 1949.  

J0334  REGAL ZONOPHONE Manufactured in Sydney by Columbia Graphophone (Aust) PL
G23675 (CT1653) PENNY SERENADE Jim Davidson and His A.B.C. Dance Orchestra.
Oops! Only one side listed. 

Miller [J] does not list this record under the listing for Jim Davidson, who recorded as Jim Davidson and His New Palais Royal Orchestra, and with the A.B.C. Dance Orchestra as shown. This may be thought of as being the TV station orchestra, but Davidson's recordings were made between 1933 and 1940, well before ABC TV came on the air in 1956.

Miller [M] inducates that this catalog number (of G23675) , was released sometime after September 1938.  Miller [J] does not appear to list any other Australian dance bands recorded on Regal nor Regal-Zonophone, although there were a few groups recored on Columbia.

J0322 sc2+ REGAL ZONOPHONE  Columbia Graphophone, Sydney, NSW.
G40162 (F2005).  CHARLIE KUNZ PIANO MEDLEY No.13 Part 1
Charlie Kunz, pianoforte solo, with Rhythm Accompaniment.
G40162 (F2006).  CHARLIE KUNZ PIANO MEDLEY No.13 Part 2.  Ibid.

Miller [M] lists this record as having been released in 1938, as 40143 was released in June of that year. 

The Regal catalog numbers in Australia went from G20009 in February 1927 to 21700 in 1933. The Regal-Zonophone series continued the ncatlog numbering directly on from Regal, from about mid 1933 to G25505 in October 1957. There was also a 12-inch label from G30083 in 1953 till 40308 in August 1945.   

L198 c5 REGAL ZONOPHONE Made in England
Rosehill Band of the Salvation Army Assurance Society. Conducted by Brigadier A.H. jakeway.
MF325 (CAR6697).  THE BETHLEHEM STORY - SUITE , PART 2 (Allen)  Ibid.

This deep blue label is not mentioned in Rust [R] and is probably reserved for the special Salvation Army records released by Regal-Zonophone in England. 

In the later years of Regal-Zonophone the big sellers were dance bands, with Joe Loss in England, and any nmber from America. Jazz was wel represented, with many masters from Victor's Bluebird catalog. Wingy Manone and His Orchestra, Hot Lips Page, and two new bands ‘exploding on the American scene' - Artie Shaw and Glenn Miller, including his superb Moonlight Serenade, released just a month before World War 2 broke out in Europe in 1938. The Regal-Zonophpne label became a war casualty and nothing was released after 1942

Other records in collection:
 J0333 c3  REGAL ZONOPHONE   Manufactured in Sydney by Columbia Graphophone (Aust) PL
G24257 (CO27523).  SWEET LORRAINE  (Parish, Burwell).  Frankie Carle. Piano Solo with Rhythm Accompan.
G24257 (CO27525).  TWELFTH STREET RAG  (Williams, Bowman). Ibid.

J0498 c2 REGAL ZONOPHONE  Made in Australia for Columbia Graphophone (Aust) Pty Ltd., Sydney.
G24346 (OA031531).  YOU OUT-SMARTED YOURSELF  (Razaf, Davis, Sears)
'Fats' Waller and His Rhythm. Vocal refrain and piano by 'Fats' Waller.
G24346 (OA030367).  I WON'T BELIEVE IT  (Block, Selsman, Robinson). Ibid.  [Would be c4 but for the start of a chip at lead-in affecting only one side,I Won't Believe It.]