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The early history of Victor is that also of The Gramophone Company, the early years of His Master's Voice. In June 1920, Victor Talking Machine Company (USA) purchased a controlling interest in The Gramophone Company, of Engalnd. In 1925, Victor made an arrangement with the Radio Corporation of America for radios to be included in their Victrola disc laying equipmwent. RCA had been formed in October 1919. In January 1929 Victor Talking Machine Company purchased RCA, and hence the RCA-Victor conglomerate, and label, commenced. In 1957 the link with the British HMV was severed, with RCA's UK pressings and distribution handled by Decca. In 1968, RCA opened an independant distribution, recording and (later) manufacturing operation in the UK, as RCA Great Britain Limited. 

J0447 sc4 RCA VICTOR  RCA Victor Division of Radio Corporation of America, Camden, N.J. USA.
25445-A.  ALEXANDER'S RAGTIME BAND  (Irving Berlin).  Benny Goodman and His Orchestra.
Featuring B.Goodman, clarinet. H. Schertzer, W.Depew, A.Rolini, V.Russo, saxophones. Z.Zarch, H.Finkelman, G.Griffin, trumpets. S.Ballard, M.McEachern, trombones. A Reuss, guitar. H.Goodman, string bass. J.Stacey, piano. G.Krupa, drums.
25445-B.  RIFFIN' AT THE RITZ (Bill Miller). Ibid.  
[Stickers on label indicate could have been used by radio station).

L12-061 RCA VICTOR Red Seal Record. RCA Victor, Division of Radio Corporation of America, USA.

SC006 sc3 RCA   Made in Great Britain.
RCA1043 (H2WB0259).  I BEG OF YOU (McCoy, Owens).  Elvis Presley with the Jordanaires.
RCA1043 (H2PB5529).  DON'T (Leiber, Stoller).  Ibid. 

78 rpm records of early rock and rollers such as Elvis are now collectors items, especially records in excellent condition such as this one.