Philips Electrical Industries Pty Ltd. Made in Australia.

The trade name Polydor has connections to the famous Nipper traemark of HMV, and to the first world war. The (British) Gramophone Company formed a German branch in 1926 (called Electrola qv), but it could not use its Nipper trademark as this had remained with another German company acquried by the Germans durinf WW1, and (surprisingly I guess) allowed to retain it aftwer the war. So the (German) Gramophone Company created another trademark - Polydor, to compete with Electrola on the international export market where it could indeed use the Nipper logo. (Got it! I'm not sure that I have!). The Gramophone Co regained the Nipper trademark in 1949 but by now the German Polydor label was well established. Polydor became the label for the Polygram company which resulted as a merger of Philips and Deutsche Grammophon in 1962.

Records in collection:

F022 c4 POLYDOR 
B45640 (22105) O TOD, WO IST DEIN STACHEL NUN?  (J.S.Bach). Kirchenchor von St. Georgen, Berlin.
B45641 (22105) WENN ICH EINMAL SOLL SCHEIDEN  (J.S.Bach). Ibid.

F038 sc3+ POLYDOR Manufactured by Deutsche Grammophon A.G.  Hanover Vienna. 
70679 (J2007) TOSCA (Puccini).  Alfred Piccaver, Staats-Oper, Wien.
70679 (J2009) MANON LESCAUT (Puccini). Ibid.
[Stamp indicates, ‘Australian Edition. Not for sale elsewhere.]

L12-016 POLYDOR.  Manufactured by Deutsche Grammophon A.G.. Hanover-Vienna.

L12-040 POLYDOR. Made in Australia. For sale in Australia and N.Z. only.

I002 sc3 POLYDOR   
Distributed by Philips Electrical Industries Pty Ltd. Made in Australia.
H48730A (3370) RHYTHM MEDODY - Twelfth Street Rag (Bowman), Bugal Call Rag (Schoebel), Temptation Rag (Lodge).  Gerhard Gregor, Hammond Organ.
H48730B (3371) RHYTHM MELODY - El Choclo (Vilolda), La Cumpasita (Rodriquez), Adios Muchachos (Sanders).  Ibid.

V402 sc3+ POLYDOR Made in Australia
H49897A (6803KK) SIMILAU (Clar, Coleman)
Caterina Valente. With Werner Muller and His Orchestra.
H49897B (6415KK) THE WAY YOU LOVE ME (Gietz, Goell)
Caterina Valente. With Paul Durand and His Orchestra.