Metropole Gramophone Co. Ltd. Made in England.  Records Ltd. London. 

Piccadilly was the poor cousin of Metropole (qv). The quality of the initial Piccadilly records reflected their cheap price but eventually the standard improved tobe a well-regarded label for its four years between October 1928 and April 1932. And it had a much more ornate and pleasing label thaan the bland Metropole, which may have reflected in its improved sales

There were twolabel types reflecting the music genre. The popular series had white labels with gold overlay round the rim and all printing in black, starting at catalog 100 to 924. The classical series had a red label but otherwise exactly like the popular label in design. Rust [R] indicates just the red label, but I also have a pink. There was also a slight design change as shown by Field [F], wherby the angel is smaller aned more integrated with the black background on the left of the label, and a smaller label before the labels shown here.  The  recording studio was at Metrolope House, Finsbury Square, London. 

Records in collection:

L140 c4 PICCADILLY Made in England
 698 (4108).  FRENCH COMEDY OVERTURE Part 1. (Keler Bela, arr.  Lotter).  Athenaeum Light Orchestra. 
 698 (4110).  FRENCH COMEDY OVERTURE Part 1. (Keler Bela, arr.  Lotter)  Ibid.

L094 c4+ PICCADILLY  Piccadilly Records Ltd. London. 
5010 (1539).  THE LUTE PLAYER  (Allilsen).  Frederick Ranalow, Baritone with Orchestra.
5010 (1538).  THE FLORAL DANCE  (Moss)  Ibid.

L206 sc3 PICCADILLY Piccadilly Records Ltd., London. Made in England
5110 (4048-2).  A SUPPER WITH SUPPE PART 1.  Athenaeum Symphony Orchestra. 
5110 (4049-2).  A SUPPER WITH SUPPE PART 2   Ibid. [With original Piccadilly sleeve.]