Philips. Made in Australia. 

A common label if I can put it tyhat way, in terms of its prolific output of a range of artists. Philips was (is) a Dutch company. Not sure itf it pressed it own records here in Austraalia, or used overseas facilities, although it did record in Austraalia. 

The company (or at least its early involvement in music) had a start in 1933 when record shop owner H. Van Zoelen, who was also a director Decca Dutch Supplies, started a pressing shop in Amsterdam. In 1942 he sold out to the industrialist Fred Philips; the recording under the Philips label began in 1950. The Philips company grew into a huge industrial electronics conclomerate and set the standard for many invotations in recorded sound, releasing the compact casette (for example) in 1964, and the laser-produced  compact disc in 1982. In 1962, Philips Phonographic Indusstries  made a deal with Deutsche Grammophon Gessellschaft (DGG) with an exchange if shares. Philips Phonographic Industries was renamed Phonogram International in 1972, a subsidiary of the now merged Philips and DGG called Polygram (qv label Polydor). It also took over the MGM label in the USA. 

Although Philips in Australia presented a great deal of excellent jazz, especially big band material, it appears not to have recorded all that much in Australia (see the Western label below) - at least, there is no jazz recorded according to Miller [J]. Yet the label did provide the Australian public with a wealth of good American jazz. According to Miller [M], the label commenced (in Australia) in June 1953 with the catalog number 21001, which went through till November 1957. There was also a P series, starting at P24500 in 1954, and a Phillips Western series , starting aat P37000 from mid-1954, to 1957. This had a distinctive ‘rodeo' label (but not to be confused with the "rodeo' label . 

(Just some of the) records in collection:

J0124 c3 PHILLIPS.  Made in Australia.
B21091H (AA21091.1H).  STARDUST  (Parish, Carmichael). Benny Goodman and his Orchestra.
B21091H (AA21091.2H).  CARAVAN  (Ellington, Tizol, Mills). Ibid. 

J0231 c3 PHILIPS  Made in Australia
B21051 H  (AA21051.2H).  I'LL NEVER SAY 'NEVER AGAIN' AGAIN (H.Woods). Benny Goodman and His Orchestra.
B21051 H  (AA21051.1H).  WHAT A LIILE MOONLIGHT CAN DO  (H.Woods).  Vocal by Helen Ward (as above). Ibid.

J0317 c4 PHILIPS   Made in Australia
B21134H (AA21134.1H).  MEAN TO ME  (Turk, Ahlert).  Errol Garner, piano. Wyatt Ruther, bass. 'Fats' Heard, drums.
B21134H  (AA21134.2H).  FRENESI  (A.Dominguez).  Ibid. 

J0400 c3 PHILIPS  Made in Australia
B21204H (AA21204.1H).  SKIN DEEP 1  (Louis Bellson).  Duke Ellington and His Orchestra. Featuring Louis Bellson, drums.
B21204H (AA21204.2H).  SKIN DEEP 2. Ibid.

J0418  c3+ PHILIPS Made in Australia
B21444H (AA21444.1H).  STOMPIN' AT THE SAVOY  - PART 1  (Razaf, Goodman, Webb, Sampson)
Harry James and His Orchestra.
B21444H (AA21444.2H) . STOMPIN' AT THE SAVOY  - PART 2. Ibid.

J0484 c4 PHILIPS   Made in Australia
P17262H (AA17262.1H).  ROOM RENT BLUES (Irving Newton).  Dutch Swing College Band.
P17262H (AA17262.2H).  MUSKRAT RAMBLE  (Kid Ory). Ibid.