Parlophon,   Carl Lindsrom A.G., Germany.
The Parlophone Company Ltd, London.
Parlophone Co. Ltd, Australia. 

The label derived from Germany, one of the Carl Lindsreomm group of companies, after World War 1, but established it name as a major recording company in England. In 1925 , UK Columbia acquired control of Carl Lindstrom's record companies and thus had control of the Parlophone trademark and label. Columbia, along with its Parlophone label,  was one of the companies merged to form the conglomerate Electrical and Musical Industries (EMI) in April 1931. 

Label: The trademark was a distinctive  £ sign enclosed within a circle. Behind the British pound currency sign was a ‘morning glory' accoustic horn as used on early 78rpm disc players. The horn was phased out in early 1936, leaving just the £ sign. 

Artists: British Parlophone released a huge number of excellent jazz and blues recordings, all from the Okay label. But again, there was extensive use of psuedonyms (but not overwhelmingly so, with most jazz artists featured under their own names). Errors, or perhaps ‘managerial discretions' were also found - Clarence William's Washboard Four was issued as Louis Armstrong and his Original Washboard Beaters!  This was, apprently, because Clarence Williams, on this issue at least, sang in a gutteral-style like Satchmo, which one critic suggested sounded like someone singing in a dentists chair with a mouth full of wadding. Even an Ellington original, Black and Tan Fantasy, was released under Louis Armstrong's name. And Miff Mole came out as Sam Lanin's Famous Players and Singers - not just pseudonym but an outright lie as band-leader Sam Lanin did exist. 

There was also a USA Parlophone label, which derived from the Okeh company, but it lasted only from 1929 to 1931, with about 200 issues. Once again, as is so prevelent with mahy labels, pseudonyms were used extensively, and rather ridiculously - Louis Armstrong morphed into Ted Shawne, Miff Mole was Gilbert Marsch, and the Casa Loma Orchestra was Hal Laska and his Orchestra. I do not have an example of this label. The USA label had the same trademark of a gold circle with a player horn and £ sign enclosed. The records were produced by the Okeh Phonograph Company, but I have no knowledge of the relatiionship with British Parlophone. 

Records in collection (British):

L12-045 PARLOPHONE. British Made E10095

O032  sc4 PARLOPHONE   The Parlophone Co. Ltd., Made in England.
F3425 (CE13550).  SCOTTISH RAMBLE   Medley.  Jimmy Shand and His Band.
F3425 (CE1345).  COUNTRY DANCE  Medley.  Ibid.

O120 c4 PARLOPHONE The Parlophone Co. Ltd. Made in England.
F1745 (E10492).  IF I SHOULD FALL IN LOVE AGAIN (Popplewell)
Victor Silvester and His Ballroom Orchestra.
F1745 (E10493).  BEGIN THE BEGUINE (Cole Porter).  From ‘Broadway Melody of 1940'.  Ibid.


L083 c3 PARLOPHONE  Record made by Parlophone Co.Ltd., London. 
E3032 (4509A).  ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR .  Ferera & Franchini. Hawaiin Guitar Duet.
E3032 (4509B).  PUA CARNATION    Ibid.

J038    sc4    PARLOPHONE.  The Parlophone Co. Ltd, London
Actually recorded during N.F.J.O. Concert in Royal Festival Hall, London, July 14, 1951. The 1951 
R.3427  (OE.13501)  Super Rhythm-Style Series, No. 27. 
I WANT A GIRL, JUST LIKE THE GIRL THAT MARRIED DEAR OLD DAD  (von Tilzer - Dillon). The Saints Jazz Band.
R.3427  (OE.13507)  Series, No. 28. I'M TRAVELLING  (Traditional Spiritual). Crane River Band.

O033 sc3+ PARLOPHONE   The Parlophone Co.Ltd., Made in Great Britain.
R4280 (CE15721).  IRISH JIGS  Medley.  Jimmy Shand and His Band
R4280 (CE15724).  WALTZ MEDLEY.  Ibid.


L055  sc3 PARLOPHONE  Made in Australia.
A2259 (40765-A)  WHAT DOES IT MATTER? (Irving Berlin).  Noel Taylor, tenor accompanied by Justin Ring Trio.
A22 (156-2).  CHARMAINE  (Leazer, Rapee). Sung by Sidney Burchall, with piano and clarinet accompaniment.

Parlophone Co. Ltd. Made in Australia
A2409 (A237-2)  THE BLUE ROOM (Rodgers and Hart)
Sidney Burshall. Violin, Guitar and Ukelele Accompaniment. Recorded in Australia.
A2409 (A 234-2)  THE GIRL FRIEND (Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart)  Ibid.

J0107 sc4 PARLOPHONE. 
Made in Australia for Parlophone Co.Ltd
A2964 (400967).  WEST END BLUES  (Oliver). Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five. 
A2964 (401816).  THAT'S A PLENTY (Pollack). Miff Mole and his Molers

J0033 sc3 PARLOPHONE. Made in Australia for Parlophone Co.Ltd.  Hot Jazz Classic No. 10
A7483  (W402966).  SIX OR SEVEN TIMES - BLUES (Waller & Mills). The Chocolate Dandies, with vocal refrain.
A7483  (B14193) THE EEL - FOX TROT (Freeman). Eddie Condon & His Orchestra.  Recorded 21 October 1933. 
Kaminsky, cornet; O'Brien, trombone; Russell, clarinet; Freeman, tenor sax; Hill, piano, Condon, banjo, Bernstien, bass; Catlett, drums. 


V225 c4 PARLOPHONE Made in Australia
AR142 (Be9321) GOODBYE (Stolz, Reisch)
From Eric Charell's ‘White Horse Inn'. 
Richard Tauber, Tenor With Orchestra Conductor: Dr. Weissmann. Sung in German.
AR142 (Be9320) THE SONG IS DONE (Stolz, Reisch, Robinson).  From ‘The Song is Ended'..  Ibid.
L052 sc4 PARLOPHONE Made in Australia
A2801 (A412-1) E PARIRA (arr. L.Rowe)
Ana Hato & Deane Waretini, with violon and piano accompaniment. Recorded in Australia.
A2801 (A413-1) POKAREKARE  (Alfred Hill)  Ibid.
Parlophone Odeon Series:

The Parlophone Company Ltd, Made in England.
Richard Tauber. Tenor With Church Organ and Bells. Sung in German.
RO20164 (Be8350) O SANCTISSIMA  .  Ibid.

See Odeon label.
In 1910 Odeon became part of the Carl Lindstrom group of Germany, who owned Parlophone.