The M-G-M label started in the USA in 1947 and generally featured items from the film company's own movie musical productions, as well as middle-of-the-road pop tunes.

In England the label was controlled by E.M.I. Ltd. In Australia it was E.M.I. (Aust) Lty Ltd. 

Records in collection:

V007 sc3 M-G-M Trade Mark of Lowes Inc. Made in Australia by E.M.I. (Aust) Pty Ltd.
MGM5073 (51-S-3033).  DARK IS THE NIGHT  (Brodsky, Cahn)
As featured in MGM film 'Rich, Young and Pretty'.
Jane Powell, Vocal with David Rose and His Orchestra.
MGM5073 (51-S-3051).  L'AMOUR TOUJOURS  (Brodsky, Cahn)
As featured in MGM film 'Rich, Young and Pretty'.
Danielle Darrieux, Vocal with MGM Studio Orchestra conducted by David Rose.

I033 c3 M-G-M Made in Australia
MGM5202 (55-S-461).  FEUDIN' BANJOS (Smith).  Arthur Smith, Tenor Banjo, and Don Reno, Five String Banjo)
MGM5202 (55-S-460).  ‘BYE ‘BYE BLACK SMOKE CHOO CHOO (Smith, Aitken, Holcombe). Ibid.

J590 c3+ M-G-M Made in England by E.M.I. Ltd.
MGM101 (10047-A).  AND THE ANGELS SING (Mercer, Elman). Ziggy Elman and His Orchestra. Vocal by Virginia Maxey.
MGM101 (10047-B).  THREE LITTLE WORDS (Kalmar, Ruby). Ibid.

J759 c3 M-G-M   Made in Australia
MGM571 (52-S-278).  LULLABY OF BIRDLAND (Shearing).  George Shearing Quintet. G.Shearing, Leader, piano. R.J.Garcia, guitar. J.A.Roland, vibraphone. A.McKibbon, bass. M. Foster, drums. 
MGM571 (52-S-277).  WHEN LIGHTS ARE LOW (Williams, Carter). Ibid.

J763 c4 M-G-M Made in England.
MGM447 (51-S-31).  I'LL BE AROUND (Wilder).  The George Shearing Quintet. G.Shearing, piano. C.Wayne, guitar. Helfman, Xylophone. J.O.Levy, bass. D.D.Best, drums.
MGM447 (51-S-3084).  DON'T BLAME ME (McHugh, Fields). Featured in the MGM Film, ‘The Strip'.
The George Shearing Quintet. G.Shearing, piano. C.Wayne, guitar. D.Elliott, vibraphone. A.McKibbon,  bass. D.D.Best, drums.
J769 c3+ M-G-M (Made in England.
MGM237 (48-S-453).  KEYBOARD KAPERS (Melrose). Piano Solo by Earl ‘Fatha' Hines. Accompanied by Swingtette.
MGM237 (47-S-6016).  SWEET HONEY BABE (Melrose). Earl ‘Fatha' Hines and His Orchestra. Featuring piano solo by Earl ‘Fatha' Hines.

V166 c3+ M-G-M Made in Australia
MGM5052 (50-S-3117).  ROW, ROW, ROW (Monaco, Jerome)
Debbie Reynolds and Carleton Carpenter. Vocal, with MGM Studio Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Georgie Stoll.
MGM5052 (50-S-3116).  ABA, DABA HONEYMOON (Fields, Donovan)
As Featured in MGM Film, ‘Two Weeks with Love'..  Ibid.