(a) The Starr Piano Co, Richmiond, Indiana. 
(b) Gennett Records, Richmons, Indiana. 

The Starr Piano Company was in the instrument business for many years before it launched into the recor business in 1917. The label was named aafter the Gennett brothers - Harry, Clarence and Fred who were the principle officers of the company at the time. 

The first issue was released in October 1917, a vertical-cut disc with 150 ‘tracks' to the inch that enabled a five minute playing time. There were two recording studios - the one in Richmond, Indiana was close to a railway track and thus resulted in problems when a train went past. Presumably they simply stopped recording. The other was in quieter New York.  Interestingly, the price of these early vertical cut disc was refelected in the first two digits of the catalog number series, hence the 4500 series sold at 45 cents. This went right up to the 1000 series. 

The vertical-cut records were abandoned after the end of WW1, and the first lateral-cut record was released in April 1919, in the 6000 series. 

Release dates:
We know from Rust [R] that the red Gennett, with catalog 3001 to 3412, was released between May 1925 and January 1927. Of the other labels, it is not so clear, and indeed, the cross over from vertical to lateral cut is not clear either.  It appears that the labels listed here are all post 1919 and are lateral cut. R006, catalog 5301, matrix 8595 was released in 1924/5. L122, catalog 4717, matrix not shown (it may be etched on the record), has ‘Gennett Records' on the label and is probably later than R006, however this would put the catalog number out of chronological sync. 

Artists: Rust [R] is most prolific in praise for the many jazz artists that were recorded by Gennett, but not for the quality of the recordings, unfortunately, which he describes as ‘fair'. Artists included ther Original Dixieland Jazz Band on the forst issues of lateral-cut records, thus in 1919. Sam Lanin's band is recorded as Ladd's Black Aces (why the pseudonym?). Bailey's Lucky Seven was another Lanin band. From 1923, Gennett included Louis Armstrong, Johnny Dodds, Bix Biederbecke, the new Orleans Rhythm Kings, Hoagy Carmichael - and the first ssolo by Jelly Roll Morton. 

Subsidiary labels: Chamption, Buddy, Superior, Supertone. In England, Gennett recordings can be found on Aco, Beltona, Coliseum, Edison Bell Winner, Guardsman, Homochord, Scala, Sterno, Tower and Vocalion. 

Important: See also Starr (Gennett, Canada).
(Some) records in collection:

R006 c3    GENNETT   Division of The Starr Piano Co.. Richmond, Ind. [USA]
5301-A (8595).  ROAMIN TO WYOMIN'  (Clare, Donaldson).  Bailey's Lucky Seven.
5301-B (8596).  NOT HERE, NOT THERE  (Dixon, Fox, Breuer). Ibid.
[Has original Gennett record sleve.]

L089 c4    GENNETT   Division of The Starr Piano Co., Richmond, Ind[iana, USA]
5672-A (8238).  SOME O' THESE DAYS. Negro spiritual.
Homer Rodeheaver and Mrs Asher. Contralto and Baritone. Orchestra acompaniment. 
5672-B (8950).  I HEARD DE ANGELS SINGIN'  Negoro spiritual.
Homer Rodeheaver. Baritone with Orchestra accompaniment.

L122 c3  GENNETT  Gennett Records, Richmond, Ind[iana], USA.
4717-A ALOHA OE.  Crescent Trio. Vocal, accompanied by Hawaiian Guitars.
4717-B SWEET LUANA    Ibid.  [With original sleeve.]

L121 c3    GENNETT  Gennett Records, Richmond, Ind[iana], USA.
3319-A.  AT PEACE WITH THE WORLD  (Berlin).  
S.C.Lanin's Orchestra. Broadcasting as 'Ipana Troubadors'. Vocal Chorus.
3319-B.  SLEEPY BYE  (Winge)  Ibid. [With original sleeve.]

L187 c3    GENNETT Richmond, Indiana [USA]
4714-A).  MOONLIGHT (Conrad)  Natzy and His Biltmore Orchestra.
4714-B).  SUNSHINE (Little, Stanley, Motzan)  Ibid. [With original Gennett sleeve.]

L235 c3+    GENNETT Division of The Starr Piano Co., Richmond, Ind.
4766-A).  HONOLULU HONEY (Weslyn, Applefield, Dyson).  Hart and Shaw. Acc. Hawaiian Orchestra.
4766-B).  SWEET HAWAIIAN GIRL OF MINE (Perry)  Ibid. [With original Gennett sleeve.]

O130 c2    GENNETT Gennett Records, Richmond, Ind. [USA]
3025-A (12165).  AT THE END OF THE ROAD (Hanley).  Marion McKay and His Orchestra.
3025-B (12051).  TEA FOR TWO (Loumans).  From, ‘No, No, Nanette. Lange-McKay Orchestra.