Made in Australia.
Original recording in America by Decca Records Inc, New York.

See also Coral label.

The label was created in October 1952 with the following catalog series:
FS - 803, 1955.
FS -964, August 1956.
FS-1426, August 1957.
DW-01 to 04, February 1957.
FW-117, 1960.
The series EPM was an ‘extended play, with two tracks each side on a 10-inch disc. 

Festival included many American jazz artists from the Decca stable, and also recorded many Australian jazz and popular groups, including Graeme Bell. They also released the ‘first' rock and roll record, Bill Haley's Rock Around the Clock, in 1956. I was in first form at Princes Hill Central School at the time. 

Records in collection:

J639 sc3+   FESTIVAL Made in Australia.
FS-1301 (MX1633).  THE GOLDEN WEDDING (Gabriel, Maric)
Woody Herman and His Orchestra. From the Long Playing Album ‘Woodchopper's Ball', FR10-794.
FS-1301 (MX1634).  WOODCHOPPER'SS BALL (Bishop, Herman). Ibid.

J857 c3+ FESTIVAL Made in Australia.
FS-802 (MX-947).  DOGFACE SOLDIER (Gold, Hart).  From Universal, ‘To Hell and Back'.
Russ Morgan and His Orchestra. Chorus by The Morganaires.
FS-803 (MX-948).  DON'T CRY, SWEETHEART (Harris, Melsher, Morgan). Ibid.

J860 c3+ FESTIVAL Made in Australia.
FS-1037 (MX-1223).  SIT DOWN, YOU'RE ROCKIN' THE BOAT (Loesser).
Louis Armstrong. Vocal, with Chorus and Orchestra.
FS-1037 (MX-1224).  LA VIE EN ROSE (Louigny, Piaf, David). Ibid. Orchestra conducted by Sy Oliver.

P002 c3 FESTIVAL   Made in Australia
FS-841 (MX979).  ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK (De Knight, Freedman).  Bill Haley and His Comets.
FS-841 (MX982).  THIRTEEN WOMEN (Thompson). Ibid.

P026 c4 FESTIVAL Made in Australia
FS-1286 (MX-1601).  RUDY'S ROCK (Haley, Pompilli). 
From the Album, ‘Rock ‘N Roll Stage Show', FR12-1045.  Bill Haley and His Comets.
FS-1286 (MX-1602).  MAMBO ROCK (Reichner, Phillips, Ayre). Ibid.

V399 c3 FESTIVAL Made in Australia
FS-940 (MX1089) THE GIRL WITH THE YAALLER SHOES (Brodszky. Cahn)
The Four Aces, featuring Al Alberts With Chorus and Orchestraa direected by Jack Pleis.
FS-940 (MX1090) IF YOU CAN DREAM (Brodszky, Cahn).  Ibid.

V410 c3 FESTIVAL Made in Australia. Test Pressing Not For Sale.
DW-039 (MX2149).  EMPTY SADDLES (Billy Hill). The Sons of the Pioneers. Vocal with Instrumental accompaniment.
DW-039 (MX2150). SO LONG TO THE RED RIVER VALLEY (Tim Spencer). Ibid.