Coliseum, London, manufactured by Cooper Brothers Ltd., of 45 and 63 City Road, and 17 Clerkenwell Road, London. Some listed as ‘Recored in England. Reproduced in Prussia'; then ‘Manufactured Throughout in England'. 

The first Coliseum records, with dark green labels printed in gold were issued in England in 1912, and continued with changes of design and colour until 1927. The labels with the coliseum motif were used during the 1920s: the first, a pale blue label, the second, at the end of 1925, a pale fawn.Field [F] indicates that after the early 1920s ‘it was produced by the Vocalion group'. 

Masters: All British records except for post WW1 issues which included USA masters. 

Numbering: 100 to 2100.

Size: Both 10 inch and 12 inch, these numbered from 4500 onward.

Credits: Many artists were not credited or were ‘unknown/unidentifable', and many items were not given composer credit. When the USA masters were useed, from Genett and Vocalion, they appeared under vague pseudonyms such as the New York Casino Orchestra, the Mayfair Dance Orchestra and the Maryland Dance Orchestra. Som Gennett issues, in the 1400s, were correctly labelled however; Green Brothers' Novelty Band, and Bennie Jrueger's Orchestra were fair dinkum. 

Of note: A Coliseum isse of the ‘Words' attributed to the Maryland Dance Orchestra but is actually Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra with a young Louis Armstrong. Also ‘Horsey! Keep Your Tail Up', attributed to the carnival Novelty Four but, according to Rust [R] ‘sopunding very much like a quartet from New Orleans'. And, ‘Ton Veil' is actually Irving Kaufman. Field [F] indicates that there were recordings by the Original Memphis Five also. 

Recording: All accoustic, except for some 100 of the last issues on the fawn-coloured label.   

Australia: Releases in Australia would have been fully imported from England. They can usually be identified by the duty sticker. 

Records in collection:

L105 c3+ COLISEUM RECORD  Recorded in London. Reproduced in Prussia.
274a).  ROCK OF AGES.  M.C.Vincent
274b).  ETERNAL FATHER STRONG TO SAVE.  Arthur Braddon, with Organ Accompaniment.

L031 sc1 COLISEUM  record  Manufactured Throughout in England
Played by the Blue Venetian Orchestra. Foxtrot.
1279 (0195).  EL RELICARRIO    Ibid.  [Large chip out of record destroying first few tracks.]

L005 sc3 COLISEUM      Made in England
1965 (C68E).  DON'T FORGET  (de Sylvia, Hanley). Played by the Mayfair Dance Orchestra.
1965 (C73E).  CROSS YOUR HEART (Gensler)  Ibid. [Has original Coliseum sleeve.]

O095 c2 COLISEUM    Made in England
1785 (G1096).  OH! KATHARINA (R.Fall). Played by the Maryland Dance Orchestra
1785 (G1353).  LET IT RAIN, LET IT POUR (Friend, Donaldson). Ibid.

V054 c3 COLISEUM  Made in England.
1721 (G1140).  I'M SINGING MY WAY ROUND THE WORLD  (M.Scott)
Sung by Frank Thomas, baritone, with Orchestral Accompaniment.
1721 (G1141).  I'M TRYING TO FORGET (U.P.Long).  Ibid.