Capitol Records, Inc. Los Angeles, USA.; recorded in LA, New York, Kansas City and New Orleans. Australian releases by Australian Record Company and then EMI (Australia) Pty Ltd. 

Capitol is one of the more ‘recent' labels with respect to popular music. In fact, it appears to have little to do with jazz - I have no Capitol jazz records. It was formed on 1 August 1942, just before the Petrillo recording ban, and thus, presumably, made do initially with pre-recorded material from other labels. Its venture toward blues and jazz as such came with the recording sof ‘ner-blues' artist Nellie Lutcher. Stan Kenton was recorded - dance bad not jazz, and ‘the deliberately corny psuedo-Dixieland unit directed by trombonist Pee Wee Hunt. Capital excelled in the vocals, with Jo Stafford, Peggy Lee, Johnny Mercer, Mel Torme - and in comedysuch as Stan Freberg. In the early 1950 Sinatra moved from Columbia to Capitol. Capitol issued the last records by Paul Whiteman, one featuring Billie Holiday. Capitiol Records Inc, was taken over by EMI Records in December 1948, and remained a major label into the LP era. 

Label: The original Capitol label was gloss black with silver lettering. 

Overseas: There were no Capitol records issued in England until December 1948, under Decca's control. In January 1956 the Capitol label was handled by EMI when they the US company took over Capitol the year before.  

Australia: Miller [M] lists: Paste-over label on English (1926) and later local Parlophone, and less commonly Columbia (1927-31). See L12-067. This is a UK (London) Parlophone thus was issued, according to Miller, between 1927 and 1931. There wwre no recordingds done in Australia, ie no Australian artists represented on the label. 

Records in collection (many):

V025 sc3 CAPITOL Australian Record Company Pty Ltd.
CP0012A (MX40131).  LITTLE ROCK GETAWAY  (Joe Sullivan). Les Paul. 
CP0012B (MX41932).  TENNESSEE WALTZ  (? Stewart, Pee Wee King). Les Paul.

V029 c3 CAPITOL    Made in Australia by E.M.I.(Australia) Pty Ltd. 
CP1018 (14119).  LOVE AND MARRIAGE  (Cahn, Van Heusen). From the TV production 'Our Town'
Frank Sinatra, vocal with Orchestra conducted by Nelson Riddle and Chorus.
CP1018 (14120).  THE IMPATIENT YEARS   (Cahn, Van Heusen). From the TV production 'Our Town'.  Ibid.

V400 sc3 CAPITOL   Capitol Records Inc., USA.
15058 (2789 Y).  PLEASE DON'T KISS ME (Allan Roberts, Doris Fisher). From Columbia Picture, ‘The Lady From Shanghai'. Margaret Whiting With Frank DeVol and His Orchestra.
1`5058 (1583 Z).  APRIL SHOWERS (B.G.DeSylva, Louis Silvers)
Featured in The Warner Bros. Picture, ‘April Showers'. Margaret Whiting With Paul Weston and His Orchestra.

L12-067 CAPITOL Record Made by The Parlophone Co. Ltd, London.
Top part of label is pasted over a Parlophone label. 

P003 c3+ CAPITOL 
Made by E.M.I. (Australia) Pty Ltd
CP-1092 (CAP301).  WOMAN LOVE (Rhodes, Reynolds). Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps.
CP-1092 (CAP302).  BE-BOP-A-LULA (Davis, Vincent).  Ibid.

P010  c3 CAPITOL Made in Australia
CP051A (1710).  COME ON A MY HOUSE (Ross Bagd?ian, William Saroyan)
Kay Starr With Orchestral Accompaniment conducted by Dave Cavanaugh.
CP015B (1710).  MISSISSIPPI Curly Williams, Billy Simmons). Kay Starr With Orchestra Conducted by Frank DeVol.

V030 c3 CAPITOL Australian Record Company Pty Ltd.
CP391 (MX67557).  THE SAND AND THE SEA  (Hal Hester, B.Parker)
Nat 'King' Cole with Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Nelson Riddle.
CP391 (MX67558).  DARLING JE VOUS AUME BEAUCOUP  (Anna Sosenko).  Ibid.

V037 c3+ CAPITOL   Australian Record Company Limited.
CP268 (MX 56797).  YOU'RE THE RIGHT ONE (Jack Brooks, Harry Warren)
Dean Martin. With Dick Stabile and His Orchestra.
CP268 (MX56798).  THAT'S AMORE  (Jack Brooks, Harry Warren).  Ibid.

N013 c3 CAPITOL Made by E.M.I. (Australia) Pty Ltd.
CP-1042 (9814).  TRY (Freberg, Paksin).  Stan Freberg.
CP-1042 (6326).  JOHN AND MARSHA    (Freberg, Stone, Liebert).  Ibid.  

N023 c3+ CAPITOL Made in Australia by E.M.I. (Australia) Pty Ltd.
CP-1014 (14424).  THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS (George).
Stan Freberg, Vocal With Billy May and His Orchestra. Yankee Snare Drumming: Alvin Stoller.
CP-1014 (14423).  ROCK AROUND STEPHEN FOSTER (Freberg, Foster).  Ibid.

N053 c2 CAPITOL Made in Australia.
CP-189 (MX47409).  IT'S IN THE BOOK Part 1. (John Standley)
Johnny Standley with Horace Heidt and His Musical Knights. Monologue.
CP-189 (MX17410).  IT'S IN THE BOOK Part 2.  Ibid.