Brunswick-Baulke-Collender Company, Duberque, Iowa.

Company: Formed in 1895 as a piano manufacturer; then as Brunswick Radio Corporation in 1927.  Bought out by Warner Brothers in 1929 (but the label did continued). Sold to American Record Corporation in December 1931`. Bought out by CBS in 1939. The label was phased out with the last issued in April 1940, and the artistss moved across to the Columbia label. 

Period: The first records, a vertical cut green label (now very rare), was released in 1916. The subsequent lateral cut discs first appeared in January 1920, and were much more succuesful commercially. 

As much as there is a grerat deal of written material on the label and the company, I have found it time-consuming to try and oput the labels in chronological sequence. Rust [R] appears to do so, and who am I to argue with this remarkable author.  The internet also provides a wealth of information, but it is difficult to ascertain the veracity of the data. 

References: Rust [R] is useful. Guiness BOR [G] is disappointing in its lack of profile of Brunswick. Miller [M] gives some indication of the years for catalog releases of the Australian pressings. 

Specifics: Brunswick Cliftaphone was marketed in the UK by Chappell Piano Company Ltd, of New Bibd Street, London, who were, from October 1923, the ‘sole sales concessionaires' in Britain for Brunswick records, till 1927 when Count Anthony de Bosdari, a wealthy businessmen, took over the British Brunswick catalog, and recording more British artists. In 1928 ‘the Duophone Syndicate' took over the British side of Brunswick but within a year British Brunswick was no longer. 

Numbering: Not all recorded in the USA made it to The UK market but according to Rust, all UK records made it on the other side of the Atlantic issued under the same number.

Rust [R] notes: One of the most unusual records of its time was issued on Brunswick in July 1925, just prior to the introduction of electric recording, whereby the microphine was replaced by ‘light rays and a photo-electric cell', which they called the Light-Ray process. (It appears not to have been adopted later). The recording also is memorable in that it featured a session in Los Angeles of the Abe LymanCalifornian Orchestra which was conducted by Charlie Chaplin, who also played violin. [I have this - see record J723] 
Corporate connections: Vocalion, which became a subsidiary of Brunswick in 1925. 

Artists: A wide variety with a great coverage of the top jazz artists, from the early dance bands to the later swing bands and small combos and individual artists. When ‘the Count' took over the british side of Brunswick in 1927 he recorded such artists as the sensational Spanish-American pianist Fred Elizalde and his music from the Savoy Hotel, and many other name artists including Ambrose's Mayfair Hotel Orchestra. There were various gold and violet labels, and ‘series', that repesented a type of music or period. With respect to jazz, the early Brunsiwck records featured Red Nichols and His Five Pennies (there were always more than five!), Irving Mills and His Hotsy-Totsy Gang, King Oliver and His Dixie Syncopators. Many outstanding and popular vopcalissts were featured, included of course, Al Jolson. Un the USA, under ARC after 1931, many popular vocalists and musicians were recorded including the Mills brother, Bing Crosby, Guy Lombardo, Duke Ellington and most of the big dance and swing bands and indiovidual artists.  Teddy Wislon was recorded under his own name, sometime anonymously, and also as ‘Shoeless John Jackson' - and often with Benny Goodman backing but not named. So there are many surprises within the Brunswick catalog. 

A study of the releases by Brunswick is a study in the developed of and history of recording, and of dance, jazz, vocal and popular music in particular. I have not come across any statistics showing how many issues they made, and by how many artists, but certainly they recorded thousands of artists for posterity. Even Rudoph valentino is there for his onl;y recording on disc, Chaplin as I have mentioned, and Gloria Swanson. 

Records in collection:
There are 69 - some of significance are listed.

J723 c3+ BRUNSWICK The Brunswick-Balke Collander Company. Made in Australia.
2012-A. SING A SONG (Charlie Chapman, Abe Lyman, Gus Arnheim). Abe Lyman's California Orchestra. Chaplin, guest conductor. Vocal chorus by Kaley.
2012-B.  WITH YOU DEAR IN BOMBAY (Charlie Chapman). Ibid. (See note above).

J0001 sc5 BRUNSWICK. Brunswick Ltd. UK.. 
03562-A (90175) MARRIED WOMAN BLUES (Estes)
"Sleepy" John Estes. Vocal Blues with Guitar and Harp Accompaniment. (Sponsored by "The Jazz Appeciation Society")
03562-B (90176) DROP DOWN MAMA (Estes). Ibid.

J0013 sc4 BRUNSWICK Collectors Series. USA. 
80076A  (C3936)  Album Number B-1020 (8 sides-7).  FORTY AND TIGHT  (Frank Melrose). Johnny Dodds and his Beale Street Washboard Band. Herb Morand, trumpet; Johnny Dodds, clarinet; Frank Melrose, piano; Baby Dodds, washboard. Recorded July 1929. Originally Vovalion 1403.
80076B ((C3937)  Album Number B-1020 (8 sides-8).  PIGGLY WIGGLY  (Junie Cobb). Iibid. 
Recorded July 1929. Originally Vocalion 1403. (Second Master)

J0014 sc4 BRUNSWICK.  British Brunswick Ltd. Made in England.
5019-A CHINATOWN, MY CHINATOWN - Fox Trot  (Jerome - Schwartz). Red Nichols and his Five Pennies
5019-B ON THE ALAMO - Fox Trot (Kahn - Jones). Red Nichols and his Five Pennies, (with vocal chorus by Scrappy Lambert)

J0016 sc4 BRUNSWICK   Brunswick Ltd. Made in England.
A04437  CT (W.73151)  The Peter Maurice Music Co Ltd.  TISHOMONGO BLUES  Fox Trot.  (Spencer Williams).
Bunk Johnson and his New Orleans Band.
A04437  CT (W.73150)  B.Feldman & Co. ALEXANDER'S RAGTIME BAND  Fox Trot  (Irving Berlin). Ibid.

J0019  c4 BRUNSWICK Brunswick Ltd. UK 
02211-A  NP (C.90393).  ECCENTRIC   Fox Trot (Robinson) Friar's Society Orchestra.
02211-B  NP (C.90395).  FAREWELL BLUES FoxTrot (Rappolo, Schoebel, Mares). Ibid.

J0030  c4 BRUNSWICK. Brunswick Ltd. UK
02209 A  (C.90375). MAPLE LEAF RAG  (Joplin, Scott). New Orleans Rhythm Kings
02209 B  (C.90385). CLARINET MARMALADE (Shields, Ragas). Iibid.

J0052 c2 BRUNSWICK    Brunswick Ltd. UK
03164-A   (67817).  PERDIDO STREET BLUES.   Foxtrot  (Armstrong). Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra.
Louis Armstrong, trumpet; S.Bechet, clarinet; C.Jones, trombon; L.Russelll, piano; Z.Singleton, drums; W.Brans, bass; B.Addison, guitar.
03164-B  (67818).  2:19 BLUES  Foxtrot. Ibid (Vocal chorus by Louis Armstrong).

J0062 sc3 BRUNSWICK   Brunswick Limited. Made in England. Selected by the British Hot Record Society.
03564  (1007A).  THE PEARLS   (Morton)  Jelly Roll Morton. Piano Solo. 
03564  (1007B).  KING PORTER STOMP   (Morton) . Ibid.

J0297 c3+ BRUNSWICK  Brunswick Limited. Made in England.
02200 (C90483).  CANAL STREET BLUES  (Oliver, Armstrong). King Oliver's Creole Jazz band.
02200 (C90476).  DIPPER MOUTH BLUES  (Oliver, Armstrong). Ibid.

J0298 c3+ BRUNSWICK  Brunswick Limited. Made in England.
02210-A (C90372).  SWEET LOVIN' MAN  (Hardin, Melrose). New Orleans Rhythm Kings.
02210-B (C90376).  LONDON BLUES  (Morton). Ibid.

J0306 c4 BRUNSWICK.  Brunswick Limited, Made in England.
02202-A (C90481).  WEATHER BIRD RAG  (Armstrong).  King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band.
02202-B (C90482).  JUST GONE  (Oliver, Johnson). Ibid.

J646 c3+ BRUNSWICK Brunswick Limited.UK
03575-A (XYZ1622).  MABEL'S DREAAM (Ike Smith)
King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band. Recorded in 1922. Selected by the British Hot Record Society.
03575-B (XYZ1624).  RIVERSIDE BLUES  . Ibid.

J731 c3+ BRUNSWICK Brunswick Ltd. Made in England.  21 Years of Swing Music - Album One, No.6.
02502-A (TNY543).  JAZZ ME BLUES (Delaney). 
Charles Pierce and His Orchestra (1926). Soloists: Frank Teschmaker, clarinet. Muggsy Spanier, cornet.
02502-B (1037).  DROP THAT SACK (Armstrong).  Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra (1925). Personnel: Armstrong, trumpet. L. Armstrong, piano. J. Dodds, clarinet. Ory, trombone. St Cyr, banjo.

J773 c3+ BRUNSWICK Brunswick Ltd., Made in England.
02205-A (C90360).  COPENHAGEN (Davis, Melrose).  Wolverine Orchestra.
02205-B (C90486).  TIGER RAG (La Rocca). Ibid.

O061 c3 BRUNSWICK  The Brunswick-Balke Collender Company.  Made in Australia
2375-A.  I'M SO ASHAMED  (Milton Cohn).  Oriole Orchestra. Vocal chorus by Mark Fisher.
2375-B.  UKELELE LADY  (Kahn, Whiting).  Ibid.

L108 c5 BRUNSWICK  The Brunswick-Balke Collender Company.
2922-A PAL OF MY CRADLE DAYS (Montgomery, Piantadosi).  Frank Munn. Tenor with Orchestra.
Frank Munn. Tenor with Piano and Violin.