Broadway Electrically Recorded. The New York Recording Laboratories, Port Washington, Wis [consin, USA].

This was a lower priced label that originally relied on Paramount for its material, then Emerson, Crown and Banner. 

Manufacturer: The records were pressed by the Bridgeport Die and Machine Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut intil it went banrupt mid-1925, when the labeel had been going for about a year. From then, Paramount, through its New York Recording Laboratories took over. 

Period: 1924 to 1931. Staunton [S] indicates 1921-1935. 

Varieties: Rust [R] shows six different labels. The first was as that shown right, L134. The design is an intricate drawing of part of the Manhattan skyline. Note the encircled ‘B' which no doubt represents the manufacturer. Later, the whitee band was removed and a gold text on bright blue was introduced for a short period before the longer-lasting gold on black, as per L194. 

Numbering: The earlier Bridgeport pressings were numbered 1100 upward. In 1926 a new series commenced srating at 1000. (There was also a short-lived 8000 series that appears to have been devoted to country and westrn music, and another commencing at 5000 for ‘a handful of race items - fine blues and hot bands from paramount and associated sources. 

Artists: The 1000 series included superb records by Lovie Austin's Bluues Serenaders, Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra under the name ‘Earl Randolph's Orchestra'. Henderson was also in the 5000 series as ‘Steve Carr's Rhythm Aces'. Also on the 5000 sries was Junie Cobb as ‘Lee's Black Diamonds'. 

Recording: The Bridgeport 1100 series were all acoustically recorded; the rest electrically. 
Records in collection:

L134 c3 BROADWAY  
11318-A (1557).  WHY DON'T DREAMS COME TRUE  (Geo. E. Patten, John A. Flood). Max Terr and His Orchestra.
11318-B (1558).  BACK IN THE OLD NEIGHBORHOOD (Clyde, Hager,Walter Goodwin, G.Green)  Ibid.

L194 c3 BROADWAY The New York Recording Laboratories, Port Washingtom, Wis. [USA]
1473-A (2026).  WHEN THE MOON COMES OVER THE MOUNTAIN (Smith, Woods, Johnson)
Oriole Salon Orchestra. Waltz with Vocal Chorus.
1473-B (2027).  THE KISS THAT YOU'VE FORGOTTEN Dick, Link).  The Checker Box Boys.