Manufactured by Carl Lindsrom A.G. Germany.

(a) Manufactured Throughout in England.[Field expresses doubt that this was indeed totally manufactured in England.]
(b) Recorded in London. Reproduced in Berlin, Germany.
(c) Recorded in London. Reproduced in Prussia.
(d) Carl Lindstrom A.G. Germany
(e) Carl Lindstrom A.G. Berline. Made in Germany. (Chinese characters)

Field [F] indicated that the Beka label commenced during the ‘Gramophone Boom' of 1908-1914. It was a German company, with an English office ‘established in Britain in its own right', which was taken over during WW1 by the British government following an Act of Parliament which prohibited trading with enemy. 

I had some difficulty determining what the logo on L038 represented; problem solved by Staunton [S] who describes it as a flamingo listening to a phonograph. (I thought initially it was the Roadrunner, then maybe the Pink Panther!)

Note the German label totally produced in Germany, and the Asia label obviously manufactured for export. These are Chinese characters; Japan was Germany's enemy during WW1 (in that Japan sided with the British). Staunton [S] lists a very similar label but made in the USA by Columbia Phonograph. 

Records in collection:

L12-024 BEKA MEISTER RECORD.  Recorded in London. Reproduced in Prussia.

F001  sc3 BEKA-GRAND-RECORD.  Recorded in London. Reproduced in Prussia.
Series 533. No.41258.   THE TOREADOR.  Little Tich. Comic.
Series 533 No. 41253.  THE SALE.  Ibid.

F014 c4 BEKA  Carl Lindsrom ArG
B6435-I (33539) O SUSANNE (Lander).  Kapelle Wily Krug
B6435-II (33542) FEUERSTOA .  Ibid, mit Gesang.

F031 c3+ BEKA   Carl Lindsrom A.G. Berlin. Made in Germany. 
B14162A (159(4)).  Oriental characters.
B14162B (159(4)).  Oriental characters.

L038 sc3 BEKA-GRAND-RECORD   Recorded in London. Reproduced at Berlin (Germany).
297 (40739).  ROSES  (Stephen Adams).  Mtr Philip Ritte, baritone.
297 (40819).  WHEN ROSES WAKE  (H.Trotere)  Ibid.

L220 sc3 BEKA GRAND RECORD Manufactured Throughout in England.
227 (40623).  HUMORESKE (Dvorak).  Played by Beka London Orchestra.
227 (40624).  THE GLOW-WORM (P.Lineke)  Ibid.