The Ariel Grand Record.

(a)Recorded in London. Pressed in Prussia.
(b) Made in England.
Released by Messrs J.G.Graves of Sheffield, England. This was a department store which did mail order. 

Period: 1910 to 1938. 
Masters: From Jumbo, Favorite, Beka, Imperial, Zonophone and Parliophone. 
Size: The 10-inch were called ‘Grand' records, the 12 inch ‘Concert' records. 

Artists: The pseudonym ‘Ariel Dance Orchestra' is used frequently to represent a number of early jazz artists and bands, including Frank Trumbaurer's Turn on the Heat and Sunny Side Up (which were also released on Parlophone and Okeh), and Sam Lanin's Orchestra on Susianna with Bing Crosby on vocal; the record backed by Fred Hall's Sugar Babies' I Faw Down an' Go ‘Boom!. The name Norman, sometimes Normand, was actually Seger Ellis singing with Eddie Land and the Dorsey Brothers, and on the record To Be in Love and S'possin, the trumpet is that of Louis Armstrong. As for the English bands, the ‘Ariel Dance Orchestra' could mean Nat Gonella's Orchestra or Victor Silvester's Ballroom Orchestra. And for further confusion (or disguise), the Dorsey Brother's Concert Orchestra under the dierction of Eugene Ormandy (no less), became the Ariel Symphony Orchestra. 
The catalog block numbers could indicate the source of material. 
Design changed little over the years. 

Records in collection:

L129 c3+ THE ARIEL GRAND-RECORD  Recorded in London. 
Reproduced in Prussia.
397a).  O WERT THOU IN THE CAULD BLAST  (Mendelssohn).  Miss Fraser and Mr Lockhart.
397b.  CROOKIT BAWBEE    Ibid.

L221 sc3+ THE ARIEL GRAND RECORD   Made in England.
4305 (2122-2).  MY INSPIRATION IS YOU (E.Leslie, H.Nicholls)
Ariel Dance Orchestra. With Vocal Chorus.
4305 (2121-2).  JUST A LITTLE FINE AFFECTION (E.Leslie, E.Lynton)  Ibid.